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What is the key to make the Bible make sense?

These things came to me like divine revelation, but I want to know what you think the key is to understanding the Bible. Other Christians despise me now because of my revelations and understanding.
Fellow Christians, do you want the key to understanding the Bible? The Light revealed it all to me as the philosophy of positive and negative and God is Light. Later on, I heard a sermon by a rabbi on the Kabbalah and the truths that were revealed to me divinely 6 months before I discovered they’re are actually written in the Kabbalah. The Bible makes sense when this information is known about it. However, the choosing of the cannon really screwed up the message of the Bible. However, Noah’s ark is still a mystery, unless Noah moved the clouds into a storm for long enough to create a large flood using his forehead beam.
Other events in the OT are also incomprehensible by today’s understanding. Psychic energy was exercised regularly back then. The forehead beam can move mountains. The pineal gland is the size of faith. The size of faith is not commonly increased or else everyone would be exercising psychic power. That’s also why people lived longer and were more fit. Real history is a a huge cover-up. Then Hollywood has to put the truth right in the open as a mockery of the real history. One such show is Merlin. Other revelations are described on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/htmldriver
And those so-called Neanderthol skulls- no, they were people who lived for centuries. Muscles change bone like that over time. The curvature of the spine fossils archaeologists found were people with osteoperosis. I’m telling you, people were living several centuries back then.
The takeover to eliminate knowledge of psychic energy was the introduction of religion. Religion made people forget about their God-given power and made them expire a lot faster. It’s population control.


  1. if you want to understand it, read it and ask for God’s help… the more you read, the more it will make sense
    a lot of things are references to other parts in the bible by people who were speaking to other people who knew the Scriptures, and so a lot of things are mistaken by those who don’t know them…

  2. I think the key is to remember that most (but not all) the stories in the Bible are used as metaphors. Reading the Bible with both an open mind, and an open heart. Contrary to what many think an open mind is not an empty one.

  3. When Christian mystics write on the subject of mysticism, they are writing about a deep form of prayer – one which costs them dear in terms of what they have to go through to get there. They are not talking about a cross between gnosticism and some kind of pseudo science.

  4. The key to making sense of the Bible is to accept the fact that it is not of divine origin but was written, edited, assembled, censored, and translated by men. That means don’t take anything in it literally, certainly not Genesis which is entirely fiction. Most of it is historically inaccurate and unverifiable.
    As for your comments about Neanderthal skulls, they demonstrate you clear lack of understanding of evolution and the real scientific data behind it. You appear to have obtained your “knowledge” from ill-informed sources, such as websites like AnswersInGenesis.

  5. Sorry but your rant just sounds like typical new age mumbo-jumbo. It wasn’t some goofy psychic power that made the things of the Bible happen. It was the will of God. The key to understanding the Bible is to read it with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.

  6. How seemingly good and harmless the devil enters into a thing putting forth hi wisdom, that only makes sense to the minds he controls having access into them.
    But they who are of the Spirit of truth are they who know the truth, and it shines from the face of Christ. All the knowledge of God’s glory is made manifest from the light that shines from the face of Jesus Christ.
    Even they who speak of God’s existence is vain, even satan and his devils believe God exist and tremble at the knowing.
    Knowing God exist, and living like a devil is no boast at all; in fact it is deceptive. You speak of light as though it were physical light, even mysticism speaks of the light as being from God. But the subtlety is that light can be usurped and Satan behind it. But the TRUE LIGHT comes from Jesus alone; He bears all the fullness and possesses the preeminence, all other light is a counterfeit. SO spare me your intellectual find and no matter how brilliant that speech gives , it is still not of the Spirit.
    God is not helping the wisdom of this world to exalt His Son, but rather confounding the wisdom of this world, by the cross of Christ.
    sincerely the truth edwah z j

  7. The Key is on top of the table, but you must first eat the “Eat Me” cake so you can get big enough to reach it. Of course, you’ll need to drink more of the “Drink Me” juice to get small enough to use the key, but this is to be expected whenever you go down that rabbit hole.

  8. the key for me is knowing Jesus. I appreciate your insights. very interesting. I agree with you about the bible cannon. A lot was left out, uh? some very important things left out. I don’t disagree with you about the other stuff. It is just new to me. Religion–religiousity is actually very negative in nature, but meant well by so many people. Being spiritual opens the doors to more understanding.

  9. being raised to life by Jesus then you can under stand what the bible is all about it is a spiritual book and we must be born again of the spirit of God to understan what it means.receiving the offer of life 1 john 5:11,13 read it.


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