What is the kabbalah faith? Is it still part of judiasm? How it get started?

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It’s just a branch of Jewish mystical theory. It’s actually quite interesting, especially when you compare it to Buddhist chakra theory.

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It’s believing that Sephiroth created the universe.


It’s a branch of Jewish mysticism, not a faith. More of a practice, from what I’ve read about it. But people in modern times treat it as a religion, although it really is not.
With real Kabbalah, you had to be a Rabbi for a certain amount of time, and then you spent many decades (if not the rest of your life) studying it. It’s origins date back thousands of years, as old as the Jewish faith itself.
Most people who claim to practice it today are practicing what is commonly called “trendy Kabballah” or “Madonna Kabballah”. It’s called “Madonna Kabballah” due to singer Madonna’s practice of it, which encouraged other celebrities and regular people to follow suit. This is not considered actual Kabballah, but a crock of new age fluff which has pretty much nothing in common with actual Kabballah.


It is a Jewish mystical discipline.


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