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What is the importance of meditation and how often must one do it?

Thanks so much for answering. Peace, Love and Blessings!


  1. If you are a Buddhist it is essential. You can have all the worldly knowledge, but without practicing your mind control, you’d be just like a beautiful flower, but without a fragrance. Having said that, one should practice everyday. Ideally, beginners should do as little as 5 min, working it up to 45 min. Doing little is better than too much. There is more benefit to practice mindfulness and awareness for a short while, than to be a scatter-brain for an hour. Everything should feel natural, good, and peaceful. The mind must be completely at ease.
    If you are not a Buddhist same applies:)

  2. What is the importance of meditation and how often must one do it?
    Meditation is deeply misunderstood.
    A small sufi story:
    There was a man that had been in meditation for a hundred years.
    Many called him a Guru, a Swami, a Great Sage, a Pir, a Shaikh, and even a Saint.
    Then one day anger arose within him and he stabbed another person and that person died. So even though he had been meditating for a hundred years, he had to go to the gallows.
    Meditation aids in quieting the mind.
    Prayer resonates and calms the inner heart.
    One should pray, that the Creator would but find them worthy of a melting heart.
    * footnote – True meditation if practiced properly, should be completed 15 times each and every minute throughout ones entire lifetime!
    This is true meditation!
    This is the difficult path not the easy path, and it is not recommended for the foolhardy or ones that have little or no patience.
    “Peace be always with you.”

  3. Spontaneous meditation which happens by itself as a result of spiritual practice is important in destroying the ego.
    Deliberate meditation is just a mental activity in the name of
    spiritual practice is not of much use and keeps the ego as it is.

  4. Meditation is the interval between thoughts, it experiences that silence – a mind without any thoughts, a consciousness/awareness without objects – and remain there as long as one can. It is the major source to access our inner being, our inner self, the Source. When the outer world/mind is silenced, the inner world(which is subtler, much larger and fulfilling) gets awakened.

  5. Hello
    It depends on what tradition you focus on.
    For the average person, 20 mins a day can be enough, it is a personal thing!

  6. Meditation is very important in order to get the most out of yourself spiritually. But, meditation like any exercise can vary in how effective it is based on technique and intensity. Meditation involves deep breathing techniques that involve breathing to more of a degree than one would normally do. This gives the body more oxygen, and removes more carbon dioxide from the blood. This lowers the amount of carbonic acid in the blood making the blood more alkaline. The affect of this is to relax the body and put the mind in an altered state. One can do meditation while lying down, sitting, walking, running or while involved in sexual activity(alone or with others). One can focus in meditation on emotions, pain, desires, or physical movements. In this altered state one can gain more comfort and mastery or control over things that one has trouble with dealing. effectively with. One does not have to be very rigid in how one meditates, once one figure it out after doing it for some time. One can then be quite creative in what one focuses on, and what movements one does during meditation. I find when lying down or sitting, moving my feet a little helps my meditation get even deeper. The importance of meditation in this world with its need of a higher level of morality and for people to develop more spiritual character can not be overstressed. But, one must work hard to gain results in anything to get results, and be able to handle discomfort. Meditation is only as effective as the amount of effort one puts into it and how hard it is to struggle through it. The more one struggles with something to gain results, the more one can gain. Character does not come to one easily. One should meditate at least once a day, but if one is bothered by something, one might have to meditate more often. Quality of meditation is more important than quantity, since one does want to be able to do other things during the day that serve a good purpose other than just meditating. Physical exercise, and a healthy diet will help one meditate better. Also being open to good inspiring spiritual ideas from many difference sources will help one make good spiritual progress and help with one’s character.

  7. You brush your teeth, bath and wash your hair to keep your body clean. Then you eat, rest and exercise to keep it strong. You meditate to clean, nourish and strengthen your mind.
    How often must do you do it ?
    As often as you are breathing.
    1. When you breath in long, know that you are breathing in long.
    2. When you breath in short, know that you are breathing in short.
    As often as you are experiencing feelings.
    1. When experiencing pleasant feelings arise, know it as pleasant feelings.
    2. When experiencing unpleasant feelings arise, know it as unpleasant feelings.
    3. When you are neither experiencing feeling pleasant nor unpleasant feelings, know you are neither experiencing feeling pleasant nor unpleasant feelings.
    As often as you are sitting down, standing up, walking and lying down.
    As often as …..

  8. Mediation is important to reach a peaceful feeling. When done right it doesn’t need to be done anymore it becomes natural. Breathing techniques work for some everyday. Some focus on God,Jesus,and the Holy Spirit to do the trick.


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