Home Discussion Forum What is the illuminati/ secret society/ new world order, trying to do?

What is the illuminati/ secret society/ new world order, trying to do?

Okay, so.. Jay z, Kanye, Rihanna, worship the devil supposedly.. And they’re apart of this secret society that has a new world order..?? I think, i really have no idea.. Can somebody pleaseeee explain this to me??


  1. They are trying to take control of all of our young people’s minds.
    They want to make sure no kids eat any bran muffins, because they need them all for themselves.
    Old people love to make poop, but it is hard for them, especially with all the young whipper snappers eating up all their bran muffins! Kanye west makes it know that bran is not in his plan.

  2. I knew that Kanye West was a Secret Society when I saw that obnoxious bull$hit he did to Taylor Swift. Thats the type of stuff Secret Societies do. They call it street theater. Its a huge act or drama, and it is intended to create a reaction. When people join these organizations, they do whatever they are told from the higher ups, often not knowing what their real agendas or reasons are for getting them to perform this action. They are 100% loyal, they will betray their best friends for this fraternity. And they will NEVER leak a word. In return, they get special perks and privileges from the higher ups that nobody else in our society gets. This is one of the largest racketeering operations/organizations on earth. (Yes, it is organized crime)


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