what is the history of astrology & is it even real?

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do you believe in it?

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I dont beileve in but it is an ancient mathematical science/art that preseedes astronomy.


You’ll find some good information below.Check out the rest of the site too.


No it is not real because think of this for a few minutes…
Imagine that there are aliens somewhere in the galaxy and since we have astrology they should have it too because they’re so advanced and if it’s real then they would have it wouldn’t they? well how could they make the same predictions if the stars they see are diffrent from ours. Everything and everyone in the universe would have to be able to see the SAME EXACT night sky in order for astrology to actually work. so see…it is immposible that it is real.

nacho b

go to astro.com or astrolabe do a chart and see for yourself whether it is accurate…..


Yes, astrology has very old roots. Aspects of it date back to ancient Mesopotamia.
But the astrology we are familiar with today is based on ancient Greek and Roman tradition. The most common source for ancient lore on the subject is a book by the Greek Dorotheus of Sidon in the C1st AD.
The Catholic Encyclopedia has a good, accurate summary of the full history of astrology here:

Rev. Two Bears

Astrology IS real. It has been used for thousands of years.
You should NEVER accept astrology as fate. It can only show you what is likely to happen. It is NOT fate. By being aware of forces pushing you in one direction; you could always make an alternate choice; where the warned event never happens.
As a kahuna; I have changed my future MANY times!


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