Home Discussion Forum What is the highest attainable state of consciousness ?

What is the highest attainable state of consciousness ?

For human beings ?
you are a Coyote ??? Well that may be the highest attainable state


  1. When we know even as we ourselves are known. In other words when we enter into eternity without these finite minds and bodies.

  2. When we have removed suffering from our lives with the intention that we do this by wishing that all sentient beings be free of suffering. We shouldn’t set our sites on becoming enlightened for enlightenments sake as we will never attain it.
    I would also say that is it living in the present moment. This moment may be my only moment so it may be my highest state of consciousness which in and of itself is precious.

  3. ahh you have made a mistake, the highest state of “consciousness” is living at the spur of the moment with no referrence to the past or future only NOW you mean to say unconsciousness or consciousness WITH GOD. That is actually done by Sufis and is not reccomended if you want to live a pious just life while sill conscious.
    just google whrilling dervishes etc. My great great great granduncle was one and he could cut himself, swallow glass, and even knifes and dace on fire and roll on hot coals. The thing is it is only possible with true faith and if you disbeleive for one milisecound then it can kill you and he died once when he swallowed a shard of glass and had a doubt for a mere secound.

  4. Swooning in the infinite divine
    In the trying you are not there
    In trying to stay you leave
    In thinking you are there you leave

  5. The highest state if cnsciousness would be to be convinced that God’s abode and His service are the ultimate aims of human life.

  6. There are seven major states of consciousness available to the human beings in the earth plain. Consciousness is the most widely used, yet most underestimated form of power we have at our command. Our very lives, our very substance, and all our actions are dependent upon a consciousness, awareness or intelligence. If consciousness is not the spark of itself, then it is certainly the key to the discovery of that spark. What do we know of life except through our consciousness?

  7. While one remains conscious should become unconscious of the things happening around.
    What I mean is one should shut his mind while he is awake.


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