HomeDiscussion ForumWhat is the gear that you wear for doing tai chi called??

What is the gear that you wear for doing tai chi called??

And if you are doing lessons do they supply you with it or do you have to get your own??


  1. I think its the same thing that you wear for marshal arts. you may have to buy your own either from the sporting goods store or through the class instructor/center.

  2. It’s called “clothes”–or at least that’s what the instructors I worked with called it. They didn’t insist on some sort of Chinese-oid costume. It was to be done in whatever would permit us to move appropriately.
    After all, it is not clothing that brings you to stillness.

  3. I take tai chi at Shaolin Arts in Utah, and the uniform is a pair of black pants, black T shirt, and a gi. Shoes aren’t required but it’s always smart to have them just in case. The ones we use are bushido and/or otomix brand. They give the uniform to you when you start.

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