What is the form in which energy comes to Earth from the sun?

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Electromagnetic radiation.

A Goose

Electromagenetic radiation-
also known as light.
This light comes in many parts of the em spectrumm (infra red , visable light, ultra-violet)


The sun gives off photons. Also heat of 10,000 F radiates out in all directions. All hot objects radiate out heat. you have a hot body too. if you walk outside and there are clouds, they are like a giant blanket and it doesn’t feel too cold. BUT if you go out and see stars in the sky, heat comes off your body and shoot off into space so you feel colder. Its the opposite of standing in the sun.


Do Christians encourage people to read the bible because it contains a hidden mind numbing frequency?

Rhythm and frequency can have quite an affect upon organic life forms. Whether it is music, spoken word, breathing, heartbeat or even written text,...

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This is a DEAD SERIOUS inquiry, those who know of the reality of such things wont dismiss this. I am a higher being in a...

Are you Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience ?

In life we are all different therefore we will all perceive or be sensitive to energy differently and there are four ways to interpret...

Buddha; Where can I go to on the internet to learn the most i can?

I really want to learn about Buddha and everything about buddhism..
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