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What is the Females place in your religion and what is your religion?

In mine Tantra, when she becomes herself free from the chains of programing she is the holder of Kundalini, is the incarnation of Shakti able to wake man up. She is the creative force without which there would be nothing whatsoever.
Religion, the way I use the term is very broad, anything to do with the Yoga or joining of energies to create. All are welcome to answer.


  1. Every trained Wiccan is considered a priest/ess of our Gods. Therefore women are fully equal to men, and sometimes superior in certain religious rites.
    Women are the source of all life, and (at least as I was taught) all women are embodiments of the Goddess. They are free to live as they will, to take (or refuse) lovers as they will, and to be in charge of their own destiny.

  2. I am a Christian free of religion. In my guide to faith, the Bible, females are given equal status to males, in fact at the end of the day, neither is better than the other, both are equal inheritors of the Kingdom of God. Thanks for sharing neighbor.

  3. No religion, I’m Agnostic. I prefer the term woman- “female” is so impersonal.
    Her place is wherever she chooses to be.

  4. While we may claim to be equal to men and have historically been described as such, it is no secret one of the reasons our menfolk went on such a horrific hundreds of years long rampage, burning entire continents to the ground in the process, is simply because they were trying to get away from the tiny, vicious creatures they called “wives”.
    Why, yes! I AM a Germanic/Nordic Heathen. ☺

  5. by my side in battle, cutlass in hand, as an equal partner in piracy and profit; assuming that’s what she wishes
    or my worthy opponent, as captain of her own ship

  6. In my religion (path rather), women are equal to men, there is nothing more special in either sex. The natural affinities, dispositions and separate skills, attributes and abilities of each sex are embraced, understood and accepted but not emphasized or used as a discriminatory factor (negative meaning).
    Of course, the fact that I am the sole follower of this path (my own) means what I say is also my own view.
    I’m an Eclectic Pagan Witch and my path falls under Paganism.

  7. best to show you a video that i assent to…
    i submit to Islam… Insha’Allah.
    Al-hamdu lillah.
    “What does Islam really teach?”
    But to answer your question directly: “The place of the female in my heart of hearts is sacred and not to be violated.”
    Allahu Akbar! [Surah 3.amin]
    warm wishes…

  8. my path is a path of one, but that does not preclude me from group works when the options present themselves.
    but if my path were to intersect with others for any extended period of time, I would be entering under the presumption of complete egalitarianism – something common among most fellow pagans I’ve known (which is not to say there cannot be the occasional separate women’s or men’s gatherings within such a framework, but neither holds rank over the other).
    the feminine essence of divinity is at least as important as the male, if not more so, and women are incarnations of the feminine aspect of divinity (just as men are for the male aspect).

  9. I still use the designation Odinist, since it is that our original charter was granted by the Fellowship in ’88 and I still identify strongly with those Old School values (and largely because I feel Asa-tru and other more recent off-shoots of the Norse Heathen tradition are for the younger Folk.
    That means my family is my religion. My wife and I preside over the home and general policy of our kindred equally. But I must say equal in terms of value and not expression. Almost without exception her word is final in domestic affairs. In many ways my part is to uphold and defend. When we are agreed — all of us — we must stand by the decision of the family until some other agreement is made. Insofar as the security of the family is of paramount importance any breech of agreements which compromise that security must bear consequences. The men hold Counsel. Almost without exception our word is final there.

  10. Women are equal to men, and can assume the priesthood, lead the tribe or become warriors.
    Traditionally women managed the household finances and raised the kids while men raided and made war and went abroad to trade.
    Now that raiding is less prominent gender roles have equalized, though it’s still somewhat culturally expected (but it’s an individual family’s business) that a man will be the first one in defending his clan tooth and claw, due to the greater propensity of men to be 210-pounds war machines, and women will be the first to tend to a wounded or sick child, due to them being generally more loving and less gruff.
    I’m an Asatrúar, a germanic heathen.

  11. In my heart of hearts I believe women hold the key to the universe within them somewhere. Men and women together must unlock that knowledge as a unit or never find it. Women are the bringers of life. men think they are the protectors but, look at nature, females are the ones who raise, and protect with their lives. And most times viciously and violently.
    I am like nature, I lead the home, I raise my child, I defend my home and my child, with no man. I don’t find I need one except for procreation, and pleasure.
    Since I don’t intend to have further children, by choice all I find I need a man for is pleasure.
    sorry if that offends you guys, but I speak the truth of my beliefs and my life.


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