What is the fear of tarot cards and fortune tellers called?






I was looking at a list of phobias and cant find this one. But I know it exists. And I’m very spooked and afraid of fortune tellers.


  1. acarophobiafear of itching or of insects causing itching
    acrophobia fear of heights
    aerophobia fear of flying or draughts
    agoraphobiafear of open spaces
    agyiophobiafear of crossing busy streets
    aichmophobiafear of sharp or pointed objects
    ailurophobiafear of cats
    algophobia fear of pain
    amathophobiafear of dust
    amaxophobiafear of riding in a car
    ambulophobiafear of walking
    anglophobiafear of England or the English
    anthrophobiafear of humans
    anuptaphobiafear of staying single
    aquaphobiafear of water
    arachibutyrophobiafear of peanut butter sticking to roof of mouth
    arachnophobiafear of spiders
    astraphobiafear of being struck by lightning
    astrapophobiafear of thunder and lightning
    automysophobiafear of being dirty
    autophobia fear of solitude
    ballistophobiafear of missiles
    bathophobiafear of falling from a high place
    batophobia fear of heights or being close to tall buildings
    batrachophobiafear of frogs and toads
    belonephobiafear of pins and needles
    bibliophobiafear of books
    blennophobiafear of slime
    brontophobiafear of thunder and lightning
    cancerophobiafear of cancer
    cathisophobiafear of sitting
    cenophobiafear of empty spaces
    chrematophobiafear of money
    cibophobia fear of or distaste for food
    claustrophobiafear of closed spaces
    climacophobiafear of falling down stairs
    clinophobiafear of staying in bed
    cremnophobiafear of cliffs and precipices
    cyberphobiafear of computers
    cynophobiafear of dogs
    dromophobiafear of crossing streets
    dysmorphophobiafear of physical deformities
    ecophobia fear of home
    eleutherophobiafear of freedom
    eosophobiafear of dawn
    ergasiophobiafear of work
    ergophobia fear of work
    erotophobiafear of sex
    erythrophobiafear of red lights or of blushing
    euphobia fear of good news
    Francophobiafear of France or the French
    gallophobiafear of France or the French
    gamophobiafear of marriage
    geniophobiafear of chins
    genophobiafear of sex
    gerascophobiafear of growing old
    graphophobiafear of writing
    gymnophobiafear of nudity
    heliophobiafear of sunlight
    herpetophobiafear of snakes
    hierophobiafear of sacred things
    homichlophobiafear of fog
    homophobiafear of homosexuals
    hydrophobiafear of water
    hypsophobiafear of high places
    iatrophobia fear of going to the doctor
    iconophobiafear or hatred of images
    kainotophobiafear of change
    kakorrhaphiophobiafear of failure
    kenophobiafear of empty spaces
    ligyrophobiafear of loud noises
    linonophobiafear of string
    lygophobia fear of darkness
    lyssophobiafear of hydrophobia
    macrophobiafear of prolonged waiting
    metrophobiafear of poetry
    monophobiafear of being alone
    muriphobia fear of mice
    mysophobiafear of contamination or dirt
    nebulaphobiafear of fog
    necrophobiafear of corpses
    negrophobiafear of blacks
    neophobia fear of novelty
    novercaphobiafear of one’s stepmother
    nyctophobiafear of the night or darkness
    ochlophobiafear of crowds
    oenophobiafear or hatred of wine
    ombrophobiafear of rain
    onomatophobiafear of hearing a certain word
    ophidiophobiafear of snakes
    ophthalmophobiafear of being stared at
    optophobia fear of opening one’s eyes
    ornithophobiafear of birds
    paedophobiafear of children; fear of dolls
    panophobiamelancholia marked by groundless fears
    pantophobiafear of everything
    parthophobiafear of virgins
    pathophobiafear of disease
    pediculophobiafear of lice
    pentheraphobiafear or hatred of one’s mother-in-law
    phagophobiafear of eating
    phengophobiafear of daylight
    phonophobiafear of noise or of speaking aloud
    photophobiafear of light
    pogonophobiafear of beards
    psychrophobiafear of the cold
    pteronophobiafear of being tickled by feathers
    pyrophobia fear of fire
    Russophobiafear of Russia or Russians
    satanophobiafear of the devil
    sciaphobia fear of shadows
    scopophobiafear of being looked at
    scoptophobiafear of being looked at
    scotophobiafear of the dark
    sitiophobia fear of food
    sitophobia fear of food or eating
    spectrophobiafear of looking in a mirror
    symmetrophobiafear of symmetry
    syphilophobiafear of syphilis
    taphephobiafear of being buried alive
    technophobiafear of technology
    thalassophobiafear of the sea
    thanatophobiafear of death
    theophobia fear of God
    tocophobia fear of pregnancy or childbirth
    tonitrophobiafear of thunder
    topophobia fear of performing; fear of certain places
    toxicophobiafear of poisoning
    toxiphobia fear of poison or being poisoned
    triskaidekaphobiafear of the number thirteen
    uranophobiafear of heaven
    xenophobiafear of foreigners
    zelophobia fear of jealousy
    zoophobia fear of animals

  2. If you knew exactly what it was about them that made you so phobic, perhaps you could pin a better word to your fear. But keep in mind that to be afraid of something isn’t necessarily to be phobic of something.
    I think it’s okay to simply say you are phobic about fortunetellers. But, as another person stated, Wiccaphobia may be as close as you get. And it’s actually a real word. Rhabdophobia is the fear of magic and the paranormal… and the fear of being beaten with rods. I’m not sure how those two got combined, however.

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