What is the fastest yet safest way to awaken the kundalini?

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I’m really looking for information on the *how* of this. Please don’t send me warnings about the dangers of raising kundalini too early, or too fast — please note that I’m looking for the “fastest yet safest way.”
I’m really looking for information on the *how* of this. Please don’t send me warnings about the dangers of raising kundalini too early, or too fast — please note that I’m looking for the “fastest yet safest way.” (ALSO NOTE: this question has NOTHING to do with sex! If you can’t get this, don’t respond!)

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Yoga. Chant, get in a trance…you’ll feel something working right quick if you do it right.

Sass B

Ummm shouldn’t you be posting on the sex and relationships section?


Yoga and meditation. The others are fast ways to the coroners table.


the serpent is located in the sacrum and you must make three and a half turns anti clockwise beginning with you taking a standing position, facing east. remember your chakras and pray as you turn.

the holy zero

I am sorry, but no! Patience is essential to arousal.
You find the fastest way to do something by learning to do it slow first…
If you are clear (chakras, mind) you can sympathetically vibrate strong enough with pranayaman breaths… deep and relaxed…
I find it best with a partner, back and forth like a pendulum.
slowly accelerate in frequency and release your fears…
It will frighten you if you aren’t ready… and if you rush it, you won’t be ready… and it’ll hurt something fierce… like twin cobras striking your cortex.


The Great Invocation
This meditation is an “activation” meditation. It is a simple visualization that activates your body’s energy system (its chakra system) and pumps energy (chi, prana, whatever.) into this physical world in order to help ascend (enlighten) ourselves and this planet.
The Meditation
Let us begin…
Find a quiet place alone or with groups, use music, drums, incense, or whatever you use to trigger altered states of consciousness.
Visualize each of your seven chakras opening and then bursting into balls of searing white-hot multidimensional fire.
Visualize the total illumination of your own life as the brilliant light of creation bursts through your energy system and spreads out from you in golden waves of energy.
Visualize the total illumination of this planet as the light of consciousness and the energy of creation bursts through millions of activated chakra systems on every continent of this earth.
Visualize this entire physical dimension exploding in a flash of energy and spiritual light that, despite its intensity, does not destroy but uplifts all life. (In other words, say NO to nuclear destruction).
You control the intensity of the flame. As you practice this meditation, allow the flames to grow and expand until you, your life, this planet, and the entire universe are engulfed in the brilliant light of creation.
Now, activate your kundalini.
Make the connection.
Here’s how.
Visualize your crown chakra (top of skull) exploding as a stream of dazzling white light flashes up into the rarified realms of consciousness and down into your heart (God) center.
Visualize your root chakra (base of spine) exploding as a stream of dazzling white light flashes up into your heart chakra and down into the expectant ground of Gaia.
Visualize your heart chakra expanding with the influx of crown and root energy.
Feel the power.
Feel the glory.
Feel the joy.
Now, visualize the consciousness of God bursting through your heart chakra. Even the energy and light of a single energy worker is enough to reach all corners of this globe and all corners of the universe. You are that powerful.
You have chosen eternal life, the Divine Plan, and the descent of God Consciousness into physicality.
This is what we have all worked so hard to achieve and we have succeeded.
Now feel the warmth in your physical body and let that feeling expand and continue to grow in the days and weeks ahead as the light of Spirit and the power of Creation flood through your energy system and begin to reconfigure the 3D world around you.
You are energy workers and you will uplift this world and initiate the ascension with your power and your glory.
Ask others to join our interconnected global chorus as we complete this meditation and think, say, or shout from the highest rooftops.


The first step is to get rid of your preconceptions.

Alexander Duncan

I started reading the drivel above and was so disgusted I had to stop. Read Kundalini Yoga by Sivananda. Its available free online, published by the Divine Life Society. That’s the best practical book on Kundalini Yoga I know, and it contains specific exercises – not the pretentious crap one reads above (with my apologies to those who replied after I stopped reading). Avoid Yogi Bhajan, founder of 3HO, who is a charlatan.


Practice yoga asanas. Its the best and safest.


Practice yoga asanas. Its the best and the safest.


I have been reading about Kundalini awakening for many years and this seems to be the best method and the doable by an old lazy fella with bad knees. Thanks and Blessings to All


Hello ,
I do not understand why many are responding and copy pasting info from another website. None of you here can , so far, contribute to the question which is very clear. Why on earth do you need to respond when you don’t even know the basic of it?
1, Shaktipat
2, padmachaya ReikiTummo ( this is not REIKI)
All other techniques are theoretically fine but it doesnt seem to work. Most of them are just a commercial one. To be honest, it is not very easy and most masters don’t have their Kundalini awakened. If they did, they could levitate and do miracles. Their excuse is : we dont want to caught up on those but the ultimate aim is : Nirvana. This response so common from those charlatans as they can’t do it. However, this is the test to test them. If they are able to do it, then they can initiate shaktipat. Remember, this yogic realm is full of fakes.


Has anybody here actually awakened?…. How can you give advice?


Wow. The last guy I heard talk about that turned out to be schizophrenic. Please don’t waste your time on such crap. And if you really think you’re getting somewhere, please seek mental help. That guy was a serious mess.


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