What is the family secret to the show Sabrina the teenage witch?





Ok so i think i’m at the second season of the show Sabrina the teenage witch. Soo i really am dying to know what their family secret is. She didn’t get very far so maybe you can tell me their family secret and a few fun facts about Melissa Joan Hart…(Sabrina)


  1. Word for word it is “Every member of the Spellman family is born with a twin.” The last person was right, though. One twin is evil.

  2. Every spellman has a Evil Twin , so she and her evil twin get tasks that determines which one is the evil one
    In 1998, Hart landed a small part in the movie Can’t Hardly Wait, and then started filming Drive Me Crazy, starring alongside Adrian Grenier. Hart asked friend Britney Spears to do a remix of her song “(You Drive Me) Crazy” and add it to the movie’s soundtrack. To capitalize on the song’s success as a top-ten hit, the title of the movie was changed to Drive Me Crazy and Hart joined Spears in the music video for that song. Around the same time Spears also did a guest role, playing herself, on an episode of Sabrina.

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