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What is the explanation of ESP or telepathy?

What is the explanation of ESP or telepathy?
How/why does it work?
Telepathy is communication from one mind to another through extrasensory means.
In other words-a person sends their thoughts to another person without talking or writing. How are they able to do this?


  1. It doesn’t work. When properly tested telepathic communication fails very time.
    People just like to imagine or pretend that it works.

  2. ESP and telepathy do not work. Although many people have claimed to have these powers, no one has ever been able to prove it under controlled conditions (that means when they were stopped from cheating).

  3. There have been many attempts to answer this question for some time now. What is mostly known is how it does not work. For example Radio signals (or other electro magnetic signals) are not detected.
    There are some hypothesis like the holography and quantum entanglement where ESP is not thought of as transfer of energy (or possibly even information) but thought of as memory recall (since holograms contain all the information in any piece of the whole).
    There is some experimental evidence that supports these ideas but they are far from being the established (or accepted) explanation.
    I have provided some links and sources below that I would highly recommend for a more in depth understanding of this question and possible answers.

  4. Since there is no convincing evidence that it DOES work nobody really has to provide an explanation for how it works. It has been investigated with increasing sophistication for 130 years, and still nothing substantive to show. Only those who believe in it ahead of time think the “evidence” shows an effect beyond random chance. (confirmation bias)
    Compare this with say the mysterious disease of scurvy which killed sailors in a horrible way a few centuries ago. It was definitely shown very quickly in one of the first randomized controlled trials ever done that citrus fruit was indeed a cure. Nobody understood why this should work, but immediately the British Royal Navy mandated rations of citrus. It took over 100 years to figure out why it worked, with the discovery of vitamins.
    So, science will accept things for which there is good evidence, even if we can’t now explain it. Psi lacks credible evidence and is implausible from the get go. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

  5. Well the remote viewing group funded by the CIA for decades called project Stargate would give this explanation for “remote viewing” which has similarities to what you are referring to”
    greater consciousness
    Even the famous psychologist Jung did a lot of work with archetypes working on the hypothesis that all of mankind is connected in their subconscious and that this collective subconscious is referred to as the collective subconscious collective unconscious

  6. Yes…it happens. It used to happen to me a lot. I would hear thoughts in my head and think they were my own thoughts and would speak them out loud. As it turns out I was hearing what others were thinking. I didn’t realize it. It got me in a lot of trouble because what some were thinking were things that made other people mad. So I took the blame for what other people were thinking. I remember thinking…:Why did I say that? That’s not at all how I feel.” I think people can also purposely send thoughts to you. I don’t think it happens with everybody. I wish it had never happened to me..or that I had kept my mouth shut.

  7. ok night otter is WRONG! now the real answer is to that is by meditating daily it doesn’t matter how long as long as its over 10 mins. and meditating with a gemstone that increases psychic abilities helps too. especially ones that help with your throat chakra. Lapis Lazuli is a good one and so is Sodalite. here is some ways to try it meditate for at least 30 mins. (if you have a gmestone use it, it will increase ur chance of doing it the first time)or if ur short on time then 15mins will do too. then u need a partner btw they have to be open minded in doing this and have to let thoughts flow into their mind like let them enter there mind now once u get a partner let them sit down like 4 feet away from u just to make sure thats a good distance. then they say its best to start with a picture of something anything just make sure u have a clear mind(focusing on ur breathing helps in doing that) then when ur ready thinks of that picture in its every detail. once u got that in ur head picture the person is right in front of you. think what they look like in detail and maybe wat they sound like too but thats not necessary. then think “AT” them like your yelling at them but without using ur voice. think of that picture u were think of. in detail but this time while ur thinking of the picture. make sure ur partner has a piece of paper handy to make sure that they don’t forget what they got. and that they have a clear mind. then that should do it. hope that helps. (use the gemstone while doing this) (this might help with having ur partner have a gemstone too and that they you have a strong connection with them, either one will help)


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