What is the explanation behind not doing yoga when a woman has her period?

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Excercise makes me feel better during that time of the month. I like to do yoga a couple times of week and I would think it would be restorative during my period.

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Who told you to not do yoga during your period? That is silly. Do yoga whenever you want! It will make you feel better during that time anyways… Mmmmmm….yoga….I wish I could do it right now!!


Then do it. There is no reason why you should not, I mean your anatomy doesn’t change at all during your period. So I think that it is a cultural thing. Asian countries tend not to do things during that time of the month.

Tara Forever

It’s perfectly fine, and can even be beneficial, to practice yoga during that time of the month. Stretching and relaxing your muscles can help with menstrual cramps, as well.
You may want to avoid strenuous types of yoga, like Ashtanga, but I wouldn’t be too concerned. I think it’s an old wives’ tale… my mom used to tell me, when I was a teenger, not to lift heavy things or exert myself during that time. Ha! Wish I really could get away with that!


It is really up to you if you want to practice yoga during your period or not. But they reason why they say not to is because some of the inverted positions, like standing on your head may cause retrograde flow, which may cause other conditions, but this is rare and really, it’s a personal thing, you should listen to your body and do what feels best. I personally don’t practice inverted positions during menstruation because I have endometriosis, but if you don’t suffer from any mentrsual problems, I’d say go for it!


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