What is the evolutionary purpose of consciousness?

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Why aren’t humans just unconscious zombies? Why do we need consciousness to look for food, avoid enemies, and in general survive? Can’t we do this without being conscious? Why or why not? Also can one be intellegent without being conscious?

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To feel man to feel the thrill of living a life of possibilities


Sorry….this questions would get better, deeper answers in a psychology category, the POLLS arent a good place for these THINKING questions, we dont like to think TOO much here!!!!! LOL

Eric S

Try watching the movie: What the BLEEP Do We Know. It will fix you right up.

Torrin Wolffe

The evolutionary purpose of consciousness is to help us understand the grand design of the universe, and be able to use the one thing that separates us from animals :
Compassion – the ability to feel empathy for another being in pain and respond to that pain to try and help do something about it


The purpose is to SUFFER so that we may find better ways to do things and pass along our knowledge to the next group on the planet sooooo that THEY may ignore the info and start the cycle again
…….. wondering why….. suffering… learning …sharing ——>


The purpose is to enable the consciousness to think and believe that there exist a universal consciousness.


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