What is the eighth chakra?






  1. secret chamber of the heart
    Do you think JK Rowling with Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets used the distortion of this spiritual center for inner recognition?

  2. Chakras are subtle energy points, where subtle channels are Cris-crossed, with in the spine. When we meditate upon these points we activate the circute related with that particular chakra, which gives us experience beyong mind.
    1. Sahasrara is located at crown of the head and represents Cosmic Consciousness. It’s represented by lotus with 1000 petals. Focus of knowledge/Gyan Yoga.
    2. Agya is located at 3rd eye (between the eyebrows). It controls nervous system. It’s represented by lotus with 2 petals. Focus of Raj Yoga. This is mostimportatnt and safer place to meditate upon.
    3. Vishudhi is located on throat. It’s represented by lotus with 16 petals. Its element is Space.
    4. Anahata is located in heart. It’s represented by lotus with 12 petals. Its element is Air. Focus of devotion (surrender) Yoga.
    5. Manipura is located at navel. It’s represented by lotus with petals. Its element is Fire. Focus of karam (action) yoga.
    6 Svadhistan is located at reproductive organs. It’s represented by lotus with 6 petals. Its element is Water.
    7. Muladhara is located at perineum i.e. between Anus and Genital organ. It’s represented by lotus with 4 petals. Its element is Earth. Kundali, three and a half coiled up subtle dormant energy resides at this place.

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