Home Discussion Forum What is the easist way to ASTRAL PROJECT???

What is the easist way to ASTRAL PROJECT???

I have been just kind off laying down in bed, and then i get this wierd tingeling felling, but i never astral project…
What is an easy method???
And i saw a CD thing that said if you fell asleep while listening to it, it would make you astral project, does that thing really work???


  1. there’s no easy way, and there’s no such thing as a cd that can take the place of an experienced mentor. this is not something you should be doing on your own, anyway. my friends who do it never go anywhere without a watcher.

  2. Perhaps Astral Projection is related to Quantum Entanglement.
    How the Soul works
    I believe in God, but I also believe that the written works of man related to God are corrupted by greed and self-serving interests.
    I also believe the soul exists regardless of what religion a person subscribes to; and religions that prey on peoples soul are demonic.
    Debunking the Torah, Bible, and Quran as works of God, and showing that they are in large part works of man.
    The Universe (“all the heavens”) according to the Torah and Bible, and as supported by the Quran, was created within 6 days. Logic dictates that we can not be looking at Galaxies 47 Billion light years away, when the Earth is only 4.5 billion years old?
    The Hubble telescope can only see 47 billion light years from Earth, but that does not mean there are not Galaxies beyond that distance. Even in conservative perspectives, the Universe is older than 14.5 billion years. So the light from these distant galaxies has been traveling 10 times longer than the Earth has actually existed, or conservatively, the Universe is 10 billion years older than the Earth; and likely much older. So the Bible and Torah document a story that is blattantly false.
    Any single fraudulent story in the Torah, Bible, or Quran invalidates the entire document as being reflective of God. I suspect the Torah, Bible, and Quran may have significant “social” meaning, but they are NOT reflective of God/Allah.
    Why would socially significant revelations be combined with obviously incorrect relationships related to God? Social issues and specifics about God are not related!
    The Corruption of Peoples Souls
    What purpose would men/demons have for creating such documents?
    I propose that demons are simply ancient men who have been successful in corrupting the minds of people throughout history for their own selfish reasons. They are neither gods nor god-like.
    Why would men/demons want deciples to believe in them instead of believing in God? Why would Jesus or Mohammad want people to think of them throughout eternity instead of thinking of God itself? People think of God in many ways without being taught, it is a natural consequence of being human.
    How the Soul becomes part of the Afterlife
    Could Jesus and Mohammad have had selfish reasons to seek desciples? Of course, and here is how I believe it works.
    All peoples minds are connected together by one or more forces/energies. A complex relationship between minds allows for a type of telepathy. We have all heard about twins having an uncommonly strong connection to one another, even though they may live a thousand miles apart. Family and Friends often experience similar phenomena. I’ve personally had experiences that are too related, to be unrelated coincident, that defy current understanding in science. But having this connection between minds explains so much.
    I learned about gravity and its different properties while in school. I have since learned a bit about how the human mind physically works. I connected the two and found a mechanism by which telepathy is not only possible, but probable.
    In science, a condition exists called “entangled particles”; two particles move instantly related to one another over great distances. I have a link and a picture of an instrument used to create entangled particles.
    Another type of atom to atom interaction: Every atom shares gravity. Lay a string of atoms in a straight line and get them pulsating together. The effect felt by any one of the atoms to a change in any other atom of the chain is many magnitudes stronger than in relation to any atom not in the chain. Change one and you influence all of them. Like plucking a string on a guitar or piano. Increase this effect many trillions of times in the form of atoms in the brain.
    There are many energies and nuclear interactions that can be conveyed from one persons’ mind to another. This is just to show they exist.
    Two or more people, perhaps everyone, may very well be connected telepathically without knowing; their subconcious minds connected in various ways. We live in a world where we share our thoughts on a subconscious level. Our subconscious minds create emotional sensations that our cognitive mind uses to determine how we feel about a particular situation.
    When you die, the people who knew you continue to have their memories of you. These emotional memories are shared with everyone in the world but they are most strongly associated with the space provided in loved ones minds.
    After death, you continue to live in the minds of people everywhere. This is not just a memory, this would be an independent influence that lives amongst many peoples minds.
    I wonder if this would explain ghosts and other spirit manifestations.This is not God-like, it is just a connection that people have with one another. God is a much larger entity that is part of all the Universe. We may be created in God’s image, perhaps in the form of what we consider our soul, not our physical form.
    So people/demons who want to take advantage of this proclaim personal knowledge of God. Those demons seek to control the minds of other people as desciples. The hope is to become strong in the thoughts of desciples so that demons themselves will have a strong afterlife. The desciples will still have an afterlife within those that loved them, but demonic persons will attempt to share the emotional space that would normally be reserved for family and friends. One mind can only hold so much.
    That is why our population must continue to grow. To help hold the minds of all those who have gone before us, and ourselves. We must populate the Universe because we will need greater resources for food and space to live with an ever growing population. Loved ones will be within the minds of most people as they die.
    Thus the reason deceptive people seek god-like reverence; they themselves are greedy and seek a stronger afterlife than their desciples. When you give reverence to demons, you give them a place in the hearts and minds of those you love, when you yourself die. You don’t just give up a place for your own soul, you provide a place for demons in those you love.
    God proclaimed “Thou shalt not kill”; now you know why this was absolute in the Ten Commandments! Killing destroys the dwelling place for other peoples’ souls.
    Demons seek to convince their deciples to kill in their name, because when their deciples die, the demon enters the minds of their deciples friends and family. Demons prey on the connection of Love between friends and family. When the body of the demon dies it claims the space provided by previous deciple deaths.
    Future deciples of the idolized written works of the demon, upon deciple deaths, contribute to the demons space and influence in the minds of future deciples, and their loved ones after their death.
    Those innocents killed have no real connection to the demon, so their surviving friends and family are somewhat separate. However, we the living are all connected. Demonic presence is part of all of us. Deciples of demons corrupt the souls of themselves, their family, their friends, and everyone still living.
    Now put the Soul into the context of other “Ten Commandments” passages.
    Thou shalt have no other gods before me
    * helping to prevent abuse of your soul by demonic persons
    Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image (including text), or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
    * helping to prevent abuse of your soul by demonic persons who write down their teachings to corrupt future souls as deciples of the demon
    Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain
    * no one and no thing shall speak for, or on behalf of, God if you denounce any person/demon who claims to be a god or have God’s favor, then you help prevent abuse of your soul by demonic persons
    Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy
    * the sabbath day is every day, it is the day you may die, the day your soul ascends remember that each person shall every day follow the teachings of the Ten Commandments
    Honour thy father and thy mother
    * become the dwelling place for the souls of your mother and father; providing a link to all peoples who came before them
    Thou shalt not kill
    * kill no one, because to do so destroys a dwelling place for souls
    Thou shalt not commit adultery
    * adulterous relationships provide less space for loved ones and those whose souls they contain
    Thou shalt not steal
    * thou shalt not attempt to steal space for your soul
    Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour
    * thou shalt not attempt to defame a person to inspire a place for themselves or for others
    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house
    * thou shalt not attempt to build a place for one’s soul based upon envy
    In the context of the soul, none of the Ten Commandments has anything directly to do with social issues, and it has nothing to do with any particular religion about God that you happen to believe in. The Ten Commandments are the guidelines for helping each person best provide for their souls’ transition into their afterlife.
    The Final Destruction of Afterlife
    However, when all people die, this afterlife provided by all people still living, shall end. When a large asteroid hits the Earth, everyone who has ever lived shall die in the mind of the last person to die. Our only hope for continued survival of our afterlife is if the human race lives beyond the confines of the Earth, on other planets, moons, and in habitats other than just the Earth.


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