Home Discussion Forum What is the easiest way to do Astral Projection??

What is the easiest way to do Astral Projection??

I don’t want a answer like it is not possible or you have to do a spell or someting of that nature. I want a answer from someone who has done it and how you can do this??? Thanks, those who have answered me.


  1. there really is no one, singular “easiest” way.
    it’s different for different people. there are some exercises and different “types” of meditations you can do to try and enhance your own experience; but each person is different and will have more success with different methods.

  2. I don’t have an answer to this question really. I don’t believe in astral projection. Have you ever read Jack London? You should do a google search of Jack London and astral projection. I recently read a short story by London called “Star Rover”. It was about a prisoner on death row who routinely left his body and went traveling in time and space. Pretty weird for a guy we remember mostly for “Call Of The Wild”. I hope this helps.

  3. Firstly, I seriously tell you NOT to take any drugs or do any kind of herbal potion to help it. Herbs can be very poisonous and even lead to death [which pretty much means bye bye astral projection lol]. You have to try it. There’s no easy way. If you begin your efforts like this, you’ll end up bored of astral projection. After all, if u rush things yu are in danger of getting an insufficient knowledge!


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