What is the easiest way to astral project?

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baring in mind im 17 living with my parents so i can’t really do anything to strange or loud 😐

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Birdy is my real name

Speed balls.


Put your butt cheeks on an overhead?

The Reverend Soleil

Try the Robert Monroe method of sniffing glue…


Living with parents and trying not to be loud reminded me of many things but astral project is not one of them.


i am trying to figure out the same thing myself.
There are many books out there.
try checking out your local new age store.
there are also many websites on it. just google “how to astral project.”
but i dont know if the websites would be as reliable as the books.
i hope i helped you out with my little knowledge on the subject.


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this is a questionfor mulims and chritians?

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Do you believe that astral projection is a real phenomenon?

Instead of automatically dismissing it (like some do) what do you have to lose in trying/learning about it? ™¥
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