What is the easiest way for me to astral travel, so I can be free of this physical ummm, burden called a body?





I want to know if there is really life after death, plus I want to be free of this physical crutch.
I am tired of living, so I want to astral travel.
What is the best, most surefire way to break free?
Is there a way to be SURE you can get out of this earth confined prison?


  1. The monroe institute is the surest way…and also the most expensive…Gateway followed by Going Home is the answer you seek.

  2. I got a different way to see this, i just want to be free but in this life, i do not want to suicide, i do not want drugs of any kind, i just want to boost my standards, i do not want a boss, i dont want to depend in a schedule, i want to wake up every morning no matter what time is, i just want to live with out rules but no hurting anybody.

  3. I believe life is never ending it continues in one form or another. Living here may at times be bad but after life could possibly be worse who knows.
    Astral travel is possible but ive heard that it can be addictive and that entities can follow you back be save and educate yourself first theres a website http://www.unicorncove.com that might be helpful

  4. Since astral travel doesn’t exist I think you better me happy with just some vivid dreams while you’re sleeping.

  5. Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming? Here’s a link I found recently: http://www.dreamviews.com/
    I haven’t checked it out too much, but I have experienced a few lucid dreams. It was amazing to be able to do whatever you ask your mind to have you do. Unfortunately for me I was only able to remain in this state momentarily, but they say with practice you can extend the amount of time you can remain in rem sleep while mentally aware.

  6. well, you naturally do it in your sleep 3 times on average a week.
    it’s really hard to develop the skill to do it while youre conscious and i’ve heard it is not the greatest feeling to be out of your body.
    if you catch yourself by waking up out of your body, you will go right back in.

  7. and you can fly
    high as a kite if you want to
    faster than light if you want to
    speeding through the universe
    thinking is the best way to travel

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