Home Discussion Forum what is the easiest method for astral projection?

what is the easiest method for astral projection?

i tried astral projection for the first time yesterday. I cleared my mind and got to the point where I couldnt feel my body and felt a type of inner vibration and a feeling as if something were trying to get out of me. I imagined my astral body lifting, like i was told to do but ultimatly nothing happened please help me with this problem


  1. Bad Jesus has done it a few times, and I was on LSD or psilocybin mushrooms each time, laying down in a dark room, near the peak of my trip. With 2 years worth of thoughts and ideas flying through my mind every 10 minutes…. Then the you go through the wormhole, the doorway, the stargate…. this is where all those ideas come from…
    Edit: to David F. below… I’m the biggest skeptic you’ll ever meet, and I don’t think I could go around seeing other places on the earth. I think it’s more a travelling into your mind than out of it, but feeling as if you’ve left your body in the process, it’s another dimension of things if there is one. The CIA and Pentagon have researched it quite a bit and do use it, they call it “Remote Viewing.”

  2. If astal projection were posible , The CIA , police , SS and many other groups would be doing it .
    Iran would do it , and steal our secrets and then destroy us with the information they could steal .

  3. Not sure I totally believe astral projection is either possible or desirable for me personally, but I was under the impression that it was something that had to be practiced, like any skill, in order to be effective. If this was your first attempt and you felt close, maybe you should try again?


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