Sunday, September 26, 2021

What is the diffrence between Palm Readings,Tarot Card Readings, and Psychic Readings?

Explain the diffrence, and which do you think is more effective?


  1. neither, it just ways of bsing people. each way is creative and they can all be simple. just depends on how much you can do it for the money.

  2. Palm readings are looking at a person’s palm and saying things about them and their lives based on the lines on their hand.
    Tarot card readings are where they look at cards and depending on what cards are drawn, different meanings are gotten.
    And I think both of the above are considered kinds of psychic readings.
    I think it depends on what you believe as to what’s the most effective. I personally don’t think that my whole past and future is mapped out on the lines on my hand. But so people do, and that works for them..
    I also think that no matter what you want to believe, it can be found in a tarot reading. The cards just give you some vague idea of something, and depending on what you want it to say, is how you interpret it. Like the death card can mean
    * Ending of a cycle —– Loss —– Conclusion —– Sadness
    * Transition into a new state —– Psychological transformation
    * Finishing up —– Regeneration —– Elimination of old patterns
    * Being caught in the inescapable —– Good-byes —– Deep change
    or anything else. So I think that in everyone’s lives, this can be applicable someway.
    And I think with fortune telling you need to be careful not to change how you would have lived, and decisions you would have made because you might make something the cards said come true that otherwise wouldn’t have because you wouldn’t have done what you did.
    Like there’s a dodgy Australian TV presenter who got a reading done and they said that he would get a job on TV, so then he auditioned for heaps of roles and eventually got one. I doubt he would have auditioned if the cards didn’t tell him to (or his interpretation of the cards).


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