what is the different between shaman and witch and hermit?

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last time I did ask about the wizard and warlock and I get the answer…this time I want to know what is the different between “shaman, witch and hermit”?

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Alone in the Crowd

Shaman – someone who is able to control spiritual energies (use magic), usually for a beneficial purpose.
Witch – a female who controls spiritual energies for malicious purposes, or someone who has made a deal with the devil
Hermit – has nothing to do with either. Hermits are just normal people with no spiritual powers who live in seclusion away from people.


Shaman: a religious figure in an animistic religion that communicates with spirits.
Witch: A women (can be a man though) that has made a pact with the devil for supernatural powers.
Hermit: Someone who lives outside of society normally for religious reasons.


A Shaman is a priest (or equivalent) who communicates with spirits, and works as a intermediary between the visible and spiritual world. Their connection to the spirits give them powers that can be used for healing, predicting the future or controlling natural events. Shamans are especially common in tribal cultures and animistic religions.
A Witch is a person (most often women) who posesses or practices magic, esp. black magic. They are often looked on as evil, and in contact with the devil or demons.
A hermit doesn’t have anything to do with magic, but is a person who has withdrawn from society and lives a solitary existence. This is often for religious purposes, munks can for example be hermits.


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