Home Discussion Forum what is the differences between a medium and shaman and a channeler?

what is the differences between a medium and shaman and a channeler?

well i am a shaman but my mom is a medium and my sister is a channeler(i think) but i wonder what the difference is?


  1. A shaman connects the two realms of existence. A channeler, channels energy (if this is the kind of channeler of which you speak), and a medium creates a connection between the world of the living and the realm of the dead.
    And, how do you know what you and your family are, if you do not know the definitions?

  2. Oh wow all I have to say it possible to ba all three generations later. I have had out of body experiences, talked to loved one who have died and walk into differrent energy vibes. plus i see a lot of my future before it happens and I have to hear crys or ppl yelling for me. I have seen some scary stuff. different plain and i dont know if i seen demons and i have seen people do heriouric stuff. i see people and i have no control ovewr all of this. I dont get scared. my great grandmother was a medicine woman and she said one day I would be blessed with this gift. But I feel like its a curse. or i can read peoples minds which is creepy. get bugged by the dead and spirits . When the spirits bug me I get annoyed. Sometimes i feel crazy. I try to ignore everything to get through my day. If i could give you my gift I would. you can have it if I could just get rid of it. I have had one visit by an angel. He was staring at me while I had a heart attack and my heart slowed and then I fell aslp. but really I died and the doctor shot me with adrenaline and revived me. My curse has been getting worse since then. i am getting bugged more so now then. I have seen a demon. which is weird becuz I never thought they existed. it looked human and he looked dead and the back of my hair rised. it was at work. My doctor said my heart stopped for 2 minutes. So please take it. I go to church to get away from this but They follow me there.

  3. I am complicated.
    I am paranoid, anxious, and just plain scared of everything.
    What am I?
    I see people… not real people, I hear things that no one else does, I know what song will come on next, I pick up my phone and as soon as I unlock it it rings.
    I feel dead things, when I was very young I woke up every single night screaming. I don’t know why it stopped but it did around age five.
    What am I?


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