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What is the difference with chakra and chi energy?

I’m interested in these stuffs these days, and I’m really wondering.
What is the difference?
And like with chi energy, you can make a psi ball as a beginner, and later on much more like healing. But what with charkra?


  1. A chakra is a spinning vortex of energy on the body. There are seven main ones. Each chakra has a different frequency and colour associated with it.
    Chi is the energy. it runs thoughout the body and outside the body. it can be used for healing, as it is the essential energy for life, like electricity.

  2. “Chi” also known as “ki” or “Qi” is energy. It usually refers to the energy that flows through “meridians” in your body, but it is also the energy that flows through all things in the universe. This energy can be directed and intesified with training and practice. Think of Reiki (Rei- Universal life, Ki – energy) touch for health, or therapeutic touch which has become quite popular in hospice care practicies.
    Chakras are like little power houses inside your body that process the energy and direct it. While I believe in total, the human body has something like 250 in total, there are 7 main ones: Crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra. Its very interesting to study them and learn how they work, what organs they govern, and how to keep them in good working order.
    While the body’s energy system and chakras are not necessarily recognized in western medicine, it is gaining a lot of support by individual members and areas of western medicine. It has been fully supported in eastern medicine for hundreds if not thousands of years.
    I would recommend taking some introductory classes to learn about energy work first. Another essential step is to start practicing meditation on a daily basis. Making psi balls is very hard and requires alot of skill and experience in energy work, so it would be helpful for you to start learning how the energy works first.
    A good starting place is to take a therapeutic touch class which is usually only an evening or a half day session. It will give you a good foundation to get started.
    I hope that helps. 🙂

  3. They are both terms used to describe flowing “energy” in the human body. There is no objective data to suggest anything of the kind (including psi balls and Reiki) actually exists.

  4. I was just in the Borders Book store and they have several books on Chi and Chakras. Reading will help you with your questions. But please know that Chi has its roots in Asia and Chakras are a philosophy that originated in India. The ideas may not quickly come together for you. You need to study them both before trying to intellectually combine them.

  5. Well my theory is that their is three (3) main energy forms that flow through out the human body;
    1: PSİ: The energy that makes up thinkıng and thoughts
    2: Mana: The energy that makes our Aura, Soul and feeling
    3: CHÄ°: The energy that makes up our Physical activities
    Chakras are our main CHÄ° energy source. Their are 7 main chakras:
    Starting from the top of the body:
    1: The Crown Chakra
    2: The Third-Eye Chakra
    3: The Throat Chakra
    4: The Heart Chakra
    5: The Solar Plexus Chakra
    6: The Navel Chakra
    7: The Root Chakra
    Ä° know this answer is kında confusıng but Ä° hope you can now understand the diffrence 😉

  6. Screw chi. I’ve given up on it. Its a weak but valid form of energy. Telekinetic energy via the mind is far more powerful. Think about it. It takes half a month (depending on the believer) to make a powerful electricity ball yet it takes YEARS so that a “grand master” can electrocute people from a distance (one of John Chang’s students).
    Chi is mostly for health. I’m not sure where chi fits on the energy scale but psi is another form of telekinesis. You feel pressure as psi because all you believed (prior to making your first psi ball) was that you can make just a ball of energy. Nothing more. So all you feel is pressure that its there. If you honestly believed and KNEW (through visualizations and the fact that they are used to open you up to reality) that you could make fire balls or electricity balls then you literally could make them.


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