What is the difference if any between a prophet a psychic or a spiritual medium?

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Prophets teach of God, psychics / mediums work for Satan


the last two are liars and deceivers

jane c

a psychic can see the future, a medium speaks to people from “beyond the graves” so just gives messages from your loved ones who have passed, and a prophet is someone who speaks to god.

Nexus C

Assumng you mean prophets of Adonai (God) and not just the false prophest of, say, Baal and that lot … one has the true backing of God and all the others are calling on demons, false gods or thin air.
All can tell the future. However, Psychics and mediums draw on satanic power for their visionary abilities (and are condemned in Scripture for so doing) whilst the Godly prophet is authorised to speak on behalf of God.
The other difference of course, is that God never lies, whilst Satan is the father of lies, so make your own conclsions.


This is my perspective on the topic:
A Prophet is one who speaks for God and warns or informs on events which may occur later, instructed by God directly.
A Psychic has the ability to read into a persons future or predict a future event through their own “spiritual” abilities or awareness of their higher selves.
A Medium is someone who communicates with or conveys a message for people who have passed on. A medium is often able to allow the “spirit” to communicate directly through him/her. Hope this helps.


The source of their ability.


no diff they are all self righteous and kinda spooky
whacky is more apt


There is no difference. They are all con artists.


prophet is the same as a psychic, a spiritual medium reads from the ether’s, ‘” whats floating around out there”. there’s different kinds of psychics just as there are prophets, its just an updated word. that’s why there are no prophets walking around these days. they are of old.


Do any one know of a good magic school and past life regression school? Thanks?

Please don't answer if you don't believe in God and Spirituality. I don't want to read any uneducated answers.

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