What is the difference between Zen Buddhism and Taoism?

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Culture? Founding father? Philosophy? Where do you want to start?


Zencrafters total enlightenment in about an hour.

William B

An answer in 5 minutes onthis? Impossible.
Zen is easy to explain — people practice Zen to realize their original nature, i.e. achieve enlightenment.
Taoism was originated with a different objective — to enable this body of ours to live forever in this world. Later the emphasis switched to enlightenment, but many sects of Taoism exist and have different objectives. The highest objective, of course, is the same as Zen.
See the works of Nan Haui-Chin on amazon.com. He’s recognized in Asia as an enliughtened according to the Zen, Taoist and Esoteric Buddhist schools. Pretty rare.


The difference is in the focus of practice. Basically…
In Zen practice, you harmonize with yourself, thus harmonizing with the world.
In Taoism practice, you harmonize with the world, thus harmonizing with yourself.
That is my answer. I think its true, but I’m not qualified to answer a question like this. My answer is probably BS.


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