Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between YOUR consciousness and physical reality?

What is the difference between YOUR consciousness and physical reality?

This a question about YOU.


  1. The different is that the physical reality is an illusion for me, for may consciousness. The person I call myself is in reality a continuity of consciousness–an eternal spiritual soul.

  2. Consciousness and reality are independent of one another until the “veils of reality” are peeled away. In the beginning the real is whatever corresponds (is repeatable) to my sense experience–that is the surface reality that encapsulates all of us–It is real pain that I feel when I kick a real boulder.
    What is consciousness? Whatever it is, it connects one thing to another. Why does the physics of the very small startle us? Because, at the quantum level, the universe looks and behaves differently from the way we typically perceive it.
    We loose track of independently existing things at the level of the very small. Physical phenomena appears, at that level, to show signs of being interconnected, which means that we have a whole lot more to learn about what differentiates consciousness from reality.
    At the quantum level, where an event in order to be wholly an event (photon, electron, etc.) exhibits complimentary aspects, physicists observe the phenomenon of the complementary aspect of conjugate variables. It would be at this level then, the level of the complementary nature of “matter/consciousness stuff,” that consciousness becomes differentiated from/joined to physical reality. It is here that consciousness awakens to the dynamic unity that permeates existence, awakens to the unity that permeates and permits the measurements of the physicist to identify the complementary aspect of the conjugate variables that suggest this unity. In other words, my consciousness and physical reality have a whole lot in common.


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