What is the difference between yoga and Pilates?






I have been getting some painful lower pack pain on and off recently and my normal aerobic exercises is hurting my back so much, someone at work recommended Yoga to help. When looking at DVDs and reviews Pilates kept coming up? What’s the difference, and which would be better to still tone up and help my back?


  1. yoga is more centered and stretching, pilates is more centered on toning your body. i would recommend yoga, i do pilates and sometimes it’s a bit hard on my back with some of the positions. best wishes

  2. The difference is Pilates has more excersing in it.
    Yoga is mostly streching.
    You should try Pilates it wil probably help you more.
    I hope I helped.

  3. Yoga is actually a philosophical aspect of Hinduism. It’s more about spirituality and bonding with Brahman. BUT…the Yoga you are referring to is more about meditation, stretching, and strength. Pilates, I believe, focuses more on flexibility and toning.

  4. I think yoga is good for relaxing and stretching
    but pilates real tones, i feel more burn with pilates
    i would recommend pilates to you
    atleast a few tries
    you can test for yourself if the positions irratate your back
    theres ten minute pilates excercises on youtube that actually work

  5. Yoga is a millenar indian practice that involves a whole phylosophy and lifestyle.
    Pilates was invented by a guy named Pilates who couldn’t do big movements but still wanted to exercise so he cam e up with this series of movements and later on a machine where you strap yourself to.
    The reason why you keep getting Pilates instead of yoga, might just be because nowadays in gyms they try to commercialise versions of a mix of both (which turns out to be none really, but still good exercise).
    Try wikipedia.com on both subjects and see which one seems to better fit your case/mindset/lifestyle.
    Good luck!

  6. You would be better off doing pilates. Its a series of exercises that strengthens your abs (core) and your back. I had alot of lower back pain for years and I have been doing pilates now for 2 years and the pain is gone. At first its hard to do because of the pain but keep going and after about a month or 2 you will feel the difference. I was going once a week to the gym and doing mat pilates. Yoga is mostly stretching and balance, it will not be good for your back.

  7. I think yoga is soo much better if you want total relaxation and stretch ur muscles (I’m addicted to it!) Pilates is also amazing if you want a workout that doesn’t press on your joints and also get a result( you’ll sweat a lot)
    Yoga= relaxation, tone muscles and a lot of health benefits
    Pilates= Extend spine, a ‘cardio’ workout that does you wonders and is better than jogging (from experience!)
    Combine the both and you’ll feel GREAT about your body, self and mind

  8. There is a huge difference that’s all i can say, i had the same problem, and i took Pilates and within a month my back didn’t hurt but if u take Pilates i am telling you, u must take the class with the recliners, it can get pricey but its worth it.

  9. Pilate’s is very similar to yoga there is not a lot of difference, the breathing is different , in yoga you breath in before going into a posture , Pilate’s you breath the other way. in Pilate’s some of the moves are done faster and more repetitions, both are beneficial and keep you aligned and supple. Both strengthen the back muscles

  10. Here is a good short article on the difference and similarities between pilates and yoga, I recommend you read it: http://healing.about.com/od/pilates/a/yogavspilates.htm
    You want to be careful with back pain, as you don’t know what could be causing it. Any exercise could exacerbate it (make it worse), or could make it better, depending on what is causing the pain.
    Visit your chiropractor and find out what’s causing your pain first, see what he recommends.
    You could try yoga – I had lower back pain for a long time and began doing gentle yoga, and over time my back pain disappeared. Do this – try whichever one sounds good to you, but don’t do anything that makes your pain worse.
    I have found yoga to be excellent for helping my low back pain, but there are also some yoga positions I cannot do because it strains my low back too much and causes me more problems. It’s about learning to listen to your body and learning what is okay and what is not.
    Yoga isn’t just stretching, either. It strengthens and tones the muscles, as well as “wringing out” the toxins and “stale” fluids from areas such as between the vertebrae, the hips, and other areas that don’t get much attention (smaller muscle groups, tendons, etc) in regular exercise.
    If you read the article I linked, you will find it suggests doing BOTH yoga and pilates, as they compliment each other.
    Take care of your back, don’t do anything that causes it pain, and go gently when you try new exercises.
    Best of luck!

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