Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between witchcraft and science?

What is the difference between witchcraft and science?

Wouldn’t combining ingredients to make something like a drink be considered witchcraft?


  1. I think the main thing that separates witchcraft and science is the belief (or lack thereof) that the concoction is magical.

  2. Science: Useful, important, helps prove things, creates theories, better technology.
    Witchcraft: Fake, worthless.

  3. Witchcraft is more focused on the energy behind the energy of physical things. But our “magic(k)” is also rather parallel with quantum mechanics. Or at least, I’ve definitly seen parallels.

  4. witchcraft sends spells out (words) that make an act happen, whether by a candel, or by other means, the words always work without the rituals. science is a chemical reaction, not words ,making nothing into something. corretc me if I am wrong wiccans/pagans/druids/thos in t he craft.

  5. Witchcraft was the early stage of science: Coming up with a theory as to what might work (e.g., the doctrine of signatures in herbalism); testing it to find out if it works (it doesn’t in general, but some specific herbal treatments are effective); refining methods and testing some more (eventually coming up with a potion which can relieve the symptoms of heart failure, only to have some doctor steal it and call it digitalis).
    As long as something is an “old wives’ tale” it’s witchcraft. For years, doctors (mostly male) told women that drinking cranberry juice would not help recurring bladder infections. Then someone actually decided to test it, and lo and behold! cranberry juice does help recurring bladder infections. That’s science for you!


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