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What is the difference between witch ceaft, black magic sorcery and occultism and tantra??

I have read some books about sorcery and about witch craft.. and I know aout Hindu and Buddhist Tantra But people think witch craft and sorcery are negative. What is the difference?


  1. Both of these are not negative forms of craft they could be but were in the past just different types of study
    Witch craft in its good form is the study of herbs and natural remedies
    Sorcery is the use of chemicals
    Both made mystical by people who did not understand and feared them

  2. Hi:)
    Occultism is a science or, to be more precise, a branch of parapsychology. It includes witch craft, black magic, white magic, woodoo,etc.
    Tantra is an Indian techique for getting better and better in s*x and for getting pleasure without any contact between bodies but between souls and nature.
    The difference between black and white magic is in the result.For instance: if you want to kill your best friend and to get her boyfriend, you should use a black magic. As a result of your (or the magician’s) impact your best fr will die or her bf will leave her and she will suicide. With this magic you can HARM and DAMAGE and you can’t make this kind of magic yourself, you should use a magician.
    But making a black magic has its risks – ALL of the pain you have caused to someone soon or later will return back to you in one or another form. You won’t die but you will lose a special person, someone close to your heart or “the stollen” bf will become a drunkard (just an example!)
    You need smth stronger than a prayer in the temple? Then you use White magic.If your mother is very ill, you make a white magic for health. If your father lose his job, you use this kind of magic for improving the finance ballance.
    With white magic you can’t harm anyone, you can help but only to people you know and you contact with. (For example, you can’ make white magic to Beckham to score in the next match 🙂 )
    About witch craft..Witches are magicians, who “interfere”. They can enter in your life without your wish or request and they can mix it as they pleased. They use magics for their own goals and purposes.A magician helps you in black/white magic but you want his/her help and you pay money for that. A witch wouldn’t get any money for her work cause she works for herself and her magics are not “for sale”.
    I hope I was usefull and I helped you to understand the difference. :))


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