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What is the difference between White magic & Black Magic and do they work for love spells?


    • there is no black or white, there is only Magic. There is magic within us all. How can a people believe in and pray to someone who has risen from the DEAD ???? That sounds like magic and even a little like your ” BLACK MAGIC”, Hmm…alot like “voodoo” maybe? Whether you like it or not you are no better than anyone else, we all came from the same place and we will ALL leave the same way.

  1. In my experience, it depends on what religion that you follow. Black Magic is traditionally evil and white magic is good. But if you are a Christian trying to practice magic of any kind is not good and you should avoid it.

  2. If you speak to someone truly in the magical world, you would come to know there is no such thing as white or black magic. There is only magic done with good intentions or ill intentions.

  3. As I’ve said to others before you, do not open doors to things that you could not possibly understand! There are evils that have no place in this world; close those doors; do not let them in!

  4. the intent…makes it black or white…black is for selfish gain..such as a love spell…white magic is selfless
    Of course both are reinforcing maya

  5. Black magick is used to control others, curse others, do harm to others. Love spells technically fall into Black Magick. They are a control spell that manipulates anothers’ emotions. White magick is used for anything that isnt Black Magick.

  6. Black magic is considered to be evil, that seems a little harsh since people who try to perform this ususally don;’t know what they’re doing anyway. It is usually considered to be WRONG, or for no good purpose other than to cause someone pain or humiliate. White magic is for the good of all, meaning no harm will come to anyone if it is performed. Some don’t beleive, but for there to be good, there has to be bad. Remember, what you do comes back three fold. Love spells in generall are a bad idea, if someone doesnt want u, why would u want them?

    • Hi an African woman stole my husband by using voodoo. My home is in a wreck for 2 1/2 months now.
      The voodoo caused my husband to hate us in the space of 3 weeks and in a month he was threatening to kill us. We are miles away from my husband yet still we fare for our lives I had someone try to do something but it has only been a week now since it has been done.
      They told me they were trying to remove all of them. When I heard that I was in shock to know there were more than just one spirit. But my husband has moved in with her abandoning us. H has stopped sending money to support us and he call the kids once a month to let them know that he sent them $200. FOR THE MONTH.
      I have been having attacks once every week and was told its because of the weekly rituals the woman performs to keep my husband.
      He now wears an amulet around his neck and around the eyes has gotten black.
      11 years of marriage and 3 beautiful kids were destructed by this voodoo.
      I don’t know how to live anymore.

  7. White magic is benign. Healing, blessing. It is made to work with the natural order and the way of things.
    Black magic is negative. Curses, voodoo, control, domination, force, payback. Black Magic is made to pervert the natural order and cause things to happen rather than let things happen. Sending out negativity into the world will always return to you 3 fold, which is why most rarely mess with this. It’s never worth it.
    White magic love spells are “seeking” spells- they send your signal into the world to alert potential mates that you’re available, it’s an attraction, like a beacon.
    Black magic love spells seek to compel a person to want or love or desire you against their will and normal, natural inclination. It never works out right.
    Instead of “magic” you are 10 times better off using your energy to improve yourself and make yourself smarter, in better shape, more caring, more active- and that, in turn, will make you more attractive to people, and love will work itself out on its own. When love happens naturally- that’s the REAL magic.

  8. in general us pagans feel love spells are a big nono unless you are doing work to love yourself more
    feel free to contact me if you have more questions
    rev. pick

  9. Traditionally, White is used to do good. Black is used for manipulation and evil things. Spiritual growth will teach you that you need absolutely nothing that is ritualistic in nature.


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