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What is the difference between white and black magick?

Why is magick given these terms…magick has no color….


  1. This idea is a construct of the warm fuzzy Wiccan movement. The idea being that white is loving and constructive and black being hateful and destructive. To find a good description of this idea, if that’s your path or what you are into, then hit the Wiccan websites. There is always Silver Ravenwolf’s books, they’re always good for that sort of thing.

  2. Magic does not have those terms. People who need to clarify their own lives give those terms to things they can’t deal with.
    Magic is energy, and it has no color, as you say. Magic, however, is manipulated by the person who is using the energy.
    They specify what the magic is to be used for… intent. And intent is what determines how the magic is used.
    Rather like a loaded gun. You can choose to shoot a paper target, or use it on someone. The gun is not bad, the person who holds it, however, has intent, a choice.
    Then there are those folks who need to color it so they can deal with it. You get folks who need to blame the magic, rather than taking the responsibility for their own actions, so they call it black or white.
    It’s not the magic. It is the intent of the person using it.

  3. You know, I don’t know who coined the labels “white magick” and “black magick”. Because, as you said, magick has no color, or alternatively, it is the essence of every color.
    Magick is magick is magick. No matter the intent.

  4. White Magic comes from Angels, for the well being, good and happiness – White simbolizes peace, serenity and all the good things.
    Black Magic – comes from demons, ghosts and spirits, bad and evil, is used to harm others for their own desire or to have things that only evil could give instantly, but there’s always a payback – Black simbolizes darkness, death and obscure.

  5. White
    is to aid others and thereby aid yourself in the process it represents healing, love,etc all the things representing good and clean use it to help
    is the satanical it is used to cause harm hatred,depression,basically its pain and corruption to control another by the means of dark magic use it to gain power over others
    everyone as good and bad qualities for we need both to learn the right from the wrong this is where white represents the good of the person and black represents the bad
    Look at the colours white lightens the mood the emotions its a colour that uplifts the spirits
    black represents the darkness the anger greed etc it darkens your mood its an abyss
    Magic has no colour but its a definition used by those who believe in magic to represent the good and evil
    In christianity god is the white and the devil is the black

  6. I think it is more of a description as how the magick is used. As the others have noted white stands for positive and black for negative. I would say it is more of a classification or excuse.

  7. It is the misinformed idea that magic used for good is white magic and magic used for ill is black magic. These are artificial terms used to make some of the less realitic practitioners feel superior to others who take a more…pragmatic…approach to magic. Magic is magic.

  8. White magika has been used by the priests as a way of healing someone by the power of god (if Christian) or any other god,
    Black magika was used to put curses on people ,like voodoo which originated in Haiti, as a way of warning or harm.
    In the years before us, there were many cults at which people would have to take sides,
    More people took the side of the black magika than the white magika, it was like a trend that everyone believe in either white or black magika,
    White and Black magika are different because more ethnic people used the pagan rituals of the black magika than the civil ceremonies of the white magika.

  9. Religious propaganda mostly white and black representing good and evil respectively. But these are merely abstract concepts created for the human psyche.
    Magick is magick there is no good or evil magic as this would imply that magick is a sentient thing. The intent of the witch, magician, etc. forms the good or evil not the magick. The magick is the means by which the good and evil is expressed by the caster/s. There are rituals and spells by which are meant only for evil purposes but unless they are cast by a person no evil can occur, likewise for the reverse.
    Belief or disbelief in a thing does not change its existence nor does it prove or disprove its existence.

  10. It’s not the magic that’s black or white, it’s the intent of the caster. Magic is a tool – it does not have a “morality” in and of itself.

  11. The “color” comes from the people who use it and what they use it for. So called “black”magic is self defeating as the return comes back on you if you use it for harm.

  12. White is for healing, defense, and all the good magic in the world. Black magic is for offense, hurt, and curses. Think evil.

  13. There are people out there who want to pretend that their shyte doesn’t stink, that they can do magick without being selfish…..
    White magick is all affirmations and meditations to merge with the One, submitting to whatever your idea of God is……
    Black magick is using the techniques of magick to satisfy your desires….it has nothing to do with negativity or harm (though some people could have such desires), but it requires the mage to use his/ her “magickal will”, to be forceful and change the world. It is the opposite of submitting.

  14. OK, here we go…..White Magick is defined as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional Western science, for the purpose of obtaining the Knowledge and Conversation of your Guardian Angel.”
    Black Magick is defined as “the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood my traditional Western science, for the purpose of causing either physical or non-physical harm to yourself or someone else, and is done either consciously or unconsciously.
    There is also Grey Magick which is the same as Black Magick but with the intent of doing good to yourself or someone else.

  15. From what I’ve been able to understand (through some what strange college religion classess) is that white magic’s main rule is ‘and it shall harm none’ protective charms, prayers(not entirely certain about the prayers) and things like that. White being the color of innocence and puriety. Black magic: a malevolent magic, something that does harm, the color black is used seeing as in most cultures it signifies death, danger, and in most movies if you’re one to notice these things the bad guys almost always wears black.


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