Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between the subconscious mind, and unconscious mind?

What is the difference between the subconscious mind, and unconscious mind?

I’ve never really understood the difference…


  1. things in your unconscious mind cannot be retrieved because they occur without your realisation.
    things in your subconscious mind can be retrieved, with certain probing, because they have been relegated there (ie. repressed memories etc.).

  2. what’s the difference between your endo mind and your exo mind? … … consc / subconsc: i don’t kno either, but i think of this advertising study that determined people shop in ‘beta’ mode except when they find what they are looking for, and then for a moment switch to ‘alpha’ mode … so stores look to snag attention and switch people into ‘alpha’ mode in order to get them to ‘register’ that a different or new product or class of products exists …. and subconsc sleep mode, i don’t know … i used to think people had to sleep ( i still do ) but now i wonder if with a correctly designed ergometric environment, people could not access more of their minds all of the time, and never have to sleep, either … and since the mind is known to regulate, say the heart, then there is a theoretical possiblilty of attaining some conscious control over the heart itself … like watching a scary movie scene can cause the eyes and ears to give the heart a jolt, so without watching the movie, the mind should be able to recreate the jolt despite the lack of visual and audio stimulation … yada yada yada , sory to babble so, interesting train of thot to recollect tho

  3. The prefix “sub-” means under, and the prefix “un-” means not. Your subconscious mind is the place in which a lot of activity occurs, but you’re not aware of it most of the time. Things pass from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind, but mostly it’s what’s underneath your thinking. The subconscious works all the time, as opposed to the unconscious, which is only at play when you are not conscious at all–when you’re sleeping, sedated, in a coma, whatever. There is transference of thoughts from the unconscious to the conscious mind in memory, but not while you are unconscious. They are two very different mental “places” and operations.

  4. The subconscious is not actually a proper psychological term, although it is used often.
    There are three types of consciousness:
    Unconscious-what most people are referring to when they say ‘subconscious’.
    The preconscious is everything you know that you can easily focus on and bring up quickly- i.e. Memory
    The unconscious mind is what is going on without our awareness. Freud for example felt that dreams were manifestations of the unconscious mind. So, you do not actively control what goes on in your unconscious mind but it can affect your behavior (theoretically).

  5. They mean the same thing for the most part. Medical professionals use unconscious. Both basically mean your brain is doing something without you aware of it. However, the word subconscious is more likely to be used as a adjective and unconscious is more likely to be used as a noun.


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