What is the difference between the Magick of different "branches" (as in Wicca, Ceremonial Magick, and etc)?

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I am currently trying to learn more about Magick, and would like to determine which “path” I should choose (whether I study Ceremonial Magick, Wicca, and etc). I am wondering how is the Magick of the different branches different. For from what I understand Magick comes from the same source. Also which is the “best path” to follow according to your own personal oppinions/ experience? And what is the best way to approach Magick? I am currently practicing meditation, and reading several Magick related books and sites.
No I do not require any “saving”. Hopefully you can tell I am NOT a Christian and nor will I be one. I DO NOT need any biblical quotes nor any comments about how this is evil and etc. Please don’t waste your time posting… I will not be swayed.

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Elizabeth P

i think you can buy books or even check them out at the library and do research on them or even on certain web-sites and p.s. im a christian and im not trying to save you, good luck :),,,,,just be careful when you choose they can be a little dangerous from what ive read and heard.


There are several differences in the different paths of “Wicca”. What they are, I’m not sure, I didn’t look into some of the other paths in depth. (I practiced Faery Magic when I was wiccan). I will recommend that you do some research. Some really good authors to look into are Scott Cunningham, DJ Conway, Ted Andrews, Raymond Buckland, Amber K, and Kisma Stepanich (if you can find any of her books). Stay away from Silver Ravenwolfe. She has no clue what she’s talking about and couldn’t find her @s$ with both hands, a map and a pictograph. She’s just in it for the money and has never done any real research on the matter. The others I’ve found are really good and informative. I wish you luck on your journey. I can’t tell youo which path is the “best” one. Only you can decide that for yourself.
Peace be with you.

LabGrrl smartypants

Wicca isn’t a branch of magick. Magick’s something some Wiccans do. Some Wiccans play football, but there’s no Wiccan branch of football.
Magick with a K is Crowley. Try Magick book 4, also known as Magick in Theory and Practice. It’s really not a hard book.


I practice folk magic so I can’t tell you the differences between different systems of magic. But some of the types of magic are Chaos magic, Voodoo, Hermetic (Ceremonial) magic, and systems of magic of various indigenous peoples. I imagine that each of these types of magics have sub-systems. Sorry that I couldn’t help you more.


I can only recommend to work through various systems one at a time, although that may take time. What people are finding, is that as they accumulate different methods, they prefer to instead of adhering to one tradition, develop their own style, as you should.
This is known as being eclectic.

kymm r

Firstly determine if you would like to be a practising wiccan,do rituals etc, if you are mainly looking for something to follow but not necessarily be heavily into perhaps you could try more of a nature spiritual path.wiccans follow the wiccan rede and the three fold law, you need to respect and understand it before practising anything, a good idea would be to get some help from someone who has practised for many years before you leap into it for a better understanding.


Love the question.
I was in your shoes over twenty years ago. As one answerer stated researching the differing path leans toward eclecticism. That is where I ended, because all Magick is wondrous to me. On a side note, one Answerer noted that “Magick with a K is Crowley. ” Not quite true. The term had been in linguistic play long before the great Crowley even appeared on the scene, it’s primary goal to separate real Magick from theatrical magic.
Some questions you might ask yourself could be the ones I asked myself: what draws me particularly ? What pantheon of Gods and Goddesses do I feel truly connected with ? Yes, I love the Greek Gods and Goddesses but yet they only appeal to my intellect, not my spirit. Just by way of example.
Do I want to find a group of likeminded, trustworthy persons(there are some freaks out there) as opposed to wannabees…people I can have as a support group, mentor, and comfort zone when I need it. Or should I go it alone(which is what I ended up doing, lol)after garnering wisdom from all around me and coming to my own spiritual values?
Do I prefer ceremonial venues and practices, or freeflowing (yet no more important than it’s counterparts) easygoing camaraderie I might find in a Wiccan ritual, or a Folklore Magick User….
Continue to do as you have been. Ask questions. Read a lot of different books. Along the way you’ll find things that click for you. Magick is superflous and flowing, what you make it…..I think that is why I prefer being an eclectic solitary practitioner of mytsteries…I am open to all forms of Magick, I prefer to practice alone, and the operative word is practictioner, because I think I learn something every day.
There is no wrong or right way to do Magick; the Wiccan is no more right or wrong than the Ceremonial Magician, or the Satanist or the Pennsylvania Dutch Pow Wows. The hoodoos no more or less than the voodoo practitioners, ect..
I leave you with this thought.
Every religion, or spiritual path, is right IN IT’S OWN TIME.
Blessed Be.


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