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What is the difference between the LORDs Prophet & a Psychic Medium?

kennytaylor. The LORD God Is Yahweh Elohim. So? Yahwey Is the Lord & God.
Erin C, where in the bible write there will be no more Prophets? Jesus said that the Prophets prophecied until John (the baptist) because John proclaimed, “Repent, prepare the Way of the LORD!”. But it is clear in the bible that the ministries of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors & Teachers are for today as well. And the gifts of the Holy Spirit are for today as well as the early Church. Some of the gifts are prophetic gifts to edify one another in faith.


  1. a psycic medium isn’t a prophit,
    some one who starts a movement,
    ( like leading the Jews away from pharrows and such) IS a prophet

  2. One tries to take advantage of people who are religious, the other tries to take advantage of anyone who is gullible.

  3. Where they get their info. Prophets were considered blessed and spoke directly with the Lord. The Bible also tells us there will be no more prophets until the two referenced in Revelation come.
    PS. Foxfire gave a very specific and well thought out answer, he deserves the 10 points.

  4. The Lord’s prophet is 100 % correct everytime.
    Plus the prophet of God has a perfect grasp of God’s word, and also can heal the sick, and many other things psychics cannot do.
    I heard Sylvia Browne say a stupid thing on Montel Williams when she was asked this by a young woman; her mother was dying and tried to tell her something, but died and was not able to tell her, so she asked Browne and Browne said this stupid answer….”Your mom wanted to tell you that your dad is not really your dad.”
    Is this dumb or what?

  5. I would rather ask, whats the difference between the Lord’s prophets and Nostradamus…. not much really. Just the source in which they tap is different. One is a Duracell Battery and the other Everyready battery

  6. God’s prophets were moved by the Holy Spirit to prophesy, both as exhortation and warning. Many of their prophecies were fulfilled to the letter hundreds if not thousands of years later, and were quite specific in their content.
    But to date, none of them have been wrong, and it is safe to say that if they have been 100% correct for thousands of years, unfulfilled Biblical prophecies will be fulfilled to the letter in the time that God has set for them.
    Mediums/psychics are either moved by their own imaginations, or they are moved by demonic spirits to “prophesy”. They are either usually wrong, or what they say is so vague that it can be taken to mean almost anything, giving them a seeming sense of credibility

  7. Not much! Look it up n ur dictionary. the word “lord” = “baal” . Baal is the name of tthe sun-god of the Pheonecian people. “El” is the Canaanite word for the English word we use for “god” today. YAHWEH is the true Hebrew name of OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!! HE’S not a lord, or a god. Look into the book of 2 Kings, I think Chpt. 36, there’s a spiritual battle between the single prophet of YAHWEH, Elijah, standing against the 450 prophets of baal, the lord. Read the story, YAHWEH’S prophet stood victorious over the prophets of the lord baal at Mt Carmel!!! The LORDs prophet or pshchic mediums? not much difference!!!
    Seek YAHWEH & HIS HOUSE!!! Call 325-670-9494, ask at abel, & that will settle the matter!!!

  8. A person called by God to be a prophet is given power and authority from God to fulfill a mission for God.
    A psychic medium, if there is such a person, has the ability to communicate with spirits.

  9. Both are telling great big fat ones, it’s a much fatter one to say you are getting messages from the God himself though so I’d say the prophets are the big time con-men.

  10. God’s prophets speak with the divine inspiration of God and the Holy Spirit. This is why prophesy doesn’t fail. Prophets are representative of the Most High God of the universe. They stand these tests: 1. Clear (not vague) prophecies 2. 100% accuracy in prophesying (i.e. one false prophecy is all it takes to disqualify them as a prophet), and 4. Must not contradict the Bible (God’s word).
    A psychic medium is someone who talks to spirits and or claims to possess ESP. A psychic is in no way comparable to a true prophet of God. There is a word about them in the bible – Isaiah 8:19,20 – And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter (chant),” should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them”. Leviticus 19:31 – “Give no regard to mediums and familiar spirits; do not seek after them, to be defiled by them: I am the Lord your God”. These are abominations will have their part in the lake of fire.
    The bible says that the dead know nothing. People who expect to speak to spirits are actually speaking to the spirits of demons. This is dangerous. Do not be deceived by “false” prophets and demons performing counterfeit miracles. Only God knows the hearts of men and can tell the future.
    God bless

  11. The key is one is using the gift for God and the other is not. Some of us may be brilliant and charismatic speakers. We could use that to be pastors or used car salespeople. The choice of what to do with our gifts is up to us. Some of us are prophets, and some people use those gifts of seeing into the future something that others cannot see for their own benefit rather than to benefit the kingdom of God.

  12. Wow, hard to beleive any of you read the bible. Jesus was a Psychic. he predicted the future, spoke to the dead l.e. Moses and Elijha, preformed psychic healing, altered the melicular structure of water to wine and even raised the dead ! Psycic is another word for prophet. You all say here that psychics work only from deamons however I have been a psychic my hole life, woking profestionally at it sence age 16 (yes i get paid, a very reasonable rate and i keep going as long as god is speaking, some readings have lasted 4 hours. i do have bills to pay like everyone else). If as u all seem to think i work from evil then how is it my works are good, there are people litteraly alive today because god revieled to me health issues they had, some from accross the country will reading for a realative and when i sent them to the doctor they were diognosed with exactly what i was told they have. God does work in us today if u are willing to allow it and not be afreaid. Jesus said “Everything i do u can do only more” why dont u beleive him?
    As so many are fond of saying the lord works in mystrious ways. Let those who have eyes to see , see and those who have ears to hear, hear. god bless u all

  13. I have a gift of my life from a man that said you could call me god yes, and i only save the good and faithfull and i numb the wicked and evil so they cant hurt anyone and then not me but man will take them down only when i feel them i will possess them but i have to be 100% sure


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