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What is the difference between the consciousness and the soul?


  1. Consciousness exists and is part of the makeup of the brain. i.e. YOU ARE YOUR BRAIN… That hunk of water and fat in your skull is “You” and if that hunk of meat is damaged, it can change how you perceive the world, it changes your personality, it changes everything that you are apart from how you look on the outside.
    “The Soul” is a metaphysical concept that only exists in the imaginations of those that want to believe that they are “Special” and will be rewarded in the afterlife or the next life.
    We are still trying to determine what makes humans sapient as apposed to merely conscious (An animal is “Conscious” yet doesn’t have the ability to perceive what is beyond their experience while humans, chimps, and a handful of other animals are sapient in that they can experience Imagination and Cause and Effect. I.E. A chimp sat down and looked at a stick and realized that if he sharpened that stick, he could use it to hunt bush-babies. A dog or a cat can’t access imagination.)
    â–º Scientific American Search for “Consciousness”
    It has been determined that “Spirituality”, strongly held belief systems in general, be they theistic or secular in nature, and belief in the paranormal are all a result of genetics, brain damage, and the human imagination.
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  2. Think of the human being as a computer. The consciousness would be the memory bank and the soul would be the spark of energy that makes the computer function.

  3. Consciousness is what you’re aware of when you introspect. When you pay attention to what’s going on inside of you, that’s consciousness. Think of it like this: Suppose you were having an operation on your leg, and suddenly you begin to be aware of people talking about you. Someone says, “I think he’s recovering.” You start to feel an ache in your knee. You say to yourself, “Where am I? What’s going on?” And you start to remember you were operated on. What you’re doing is regaining consciousness. In short, consciousness consists of sensations, thoughts, emotions, desires, beliefs, and free choices that make us alive and aware.
    The soul is the ego, the ‘I,’ or the self, and it contains our consciousness. It also animates our body. That’s why when the soul leaves the body, the body becomes a corpse. The soul is immaterial and distinct from the body. At least, that’s what the Bible teaches. Christians have understood this for twenty centuries. For example, when Jesus was on the cross, he told the thief being crucified next to him that he would be with Jesus immediately after his death and before the final resurrection of his body. Jesus described the body and the soul as being separate entities when he said, “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. The apostle Paul says that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.


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