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what is the difference between taoism and daoism?

If any..? why?


  1. pronounciation
    taoism is pronounced ‘dao-ism’, some people elect to spell it that way too

  2. Nothing. “Tao” and “Dao” are just two different transliterations of the same Chinese word, 道, which in reality is pronounced somewhere between the two.

  3. the spelling. in mainland China they use “Daoism” everywhere else they use “Taoism”, it’s like “color” and “colour”

  4. Hi, I’m answering your other question – where is a good place to learn about Tao or Taoism. Go into yahoo groups and put neijiatao in the search bar, join the group and get into a discussion with Taoist Practise Master Yu Jin Li, you can talk to him on any level from unusually placed spots to connecting up to your own internal source of power.
    The difference between Taoism and Daoism is just down to pronounciation, like Grand Prix…I’m sure you know the rest………


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