Home Discussion Forum what is the difference between tantra and mantra?

what is the difference between tantra and mantra?


  1. Mantra can be there without tantra…but without Mantra …Tantra can not be done…..so Tantra is the by-product of Mantra

  2. Tantra is a vast body of spiritual and physical knowledge, encompassing an array of practices, including all forms of yoga.
    Mantra is a divine combination of divine syllables or sounds which when chanted with devotion, faith and emotion gravitate the concerned God, Goddess or deity and secure their divine blessings.

  3. A mantra is a prayer, a repetition of either a particular sound, word, prayer and/or phrase. the whole idea of a mantra is get close to the divine. the use of “OM, OAM, AMEN, etc, etc….
    words have power to change the experience of culture, society, communities, and individuals. this has been known for along time and thus becoming obvious. A believe system and believe it self, is only the out come of repetition of a particular idea. most ancient cultures understood this very well. your government understands this very well, that’s why it repeats something it wants you to believe, so you don’t stand up to contradict it. as Jesus said “he who has ears, let him hear!”. A Mantra is used to help focus your mind in a point.
    tantra is a discipline which one takes on to become enlightened. the idea is to always be in the middle. not either extreme. the Buddha said his way was the middle path. look around you at nature ans you will see the middle path displayed in every crevice of it. homeostasis is the very meaning of it. if you observe your own mind, you will see that your thoughts go from one extreme to the other. when you indulge your self you want to repress, when you repress you want to indulge your self. tantra says “love everything, respect all equally. do not be entagonistic with live. love your body, love your mind, love you for you. you are perfect right now. tantra says “seat still and know I am God”..
    everything you are looking for is with in you.

  4. Mantra Yoga is a branch of Tantra. Sabd-Brhm Sadhna of Tantra explains about Mantras. .thus Tantra is a whole philosophy about the matrix of energy weaving the universe and Mantra yoga is way to be enlightened.
    Mantras are special syllables which vibrate our chakras at a certain frequency, thus invoking that particular form of god.
    Mantra yoga is very powerful in kaliyuga because the whole science of Tantra has been lost to hindus. Tulsidas confirms
    कलयुग केवल नाम आधारा
    In kaliyuga, Japa (of mantra) is the only valid way (to enlightenment)


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