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What is the difference between spiritual and mentally ill?

I obviously believe in spirits, auras, and chakras, and psychics, UFO’s etc. So I am wondering what you think. Maybe there are not any mentally ill people, but highly gifted spiritual people that are misunderstood by society. What do you think. I tend to think its in the middle with some gifted psychics being mislabeled and some people going through the Kundalini process and other spiritual transformations and problems, and some people unbalanced by society around them and people who are misunderstood or have chemical imbalances in the mind.
Maybe being mentally ill is more cool than being normal. What do you think?


  1. Nope, you do not want to be mentally ill. Stay as healthy as you can. And be thankful that you don’t have any sickness like that.

  2. Mentally ill is not cool. People suffer by being mentally ill, just like when you have a virus or bacteria. Now, some people are just scammers with the ghosts, UFO’s, psychics, etc. I am not saying that there is no probability for them to exist, but most are just there for the money.
    And real gifted people don’t boast and ask for money, they mostly keep it quiet.

  3. Mentally ill people claim that they speak to spirits etc. (also charlatans…)
    Also, like someone else said. A truly spiritually gifted person would not ask for money and use their “powers” as a means to earn a living.
    I’ve read that Psychotic people can think/ feel that they’re special in this regard. They “feel” that they’re a lot more “spiritual” and connected than others.
    At times they claim to see auras, will speak of feeling ones energy etc. All in all they’re “special”.
    Good question. Some of us do have a heightened intuition but 99% of people today aren’t THAT special.

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