Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between spirit, ghost, and poltergeist?

What is the difference between spirit, ghost, and poltergeist?


  1. A spirit is a friend or family member coming back to visit or check on you.
    A ghost is a dead person that is trapped or attached to a place or thing that held a major attraction to him/her during life.
    I don’t really believe in poltergeists though… 🙂

  2. Spirit- a spirit is just the essence left behind by someone after death. Like part of a soul that lingers long after death. Like when you see something out of the corner of your eye, you turn back, and its gone? There’s a spirit for you
    Ghost- a ghost is a soul that completely stays on earth. Its like still living, just being invisible, unhearable, and intangible.
    Poltergeist- ever seen Haunting in Connecticut? See it. Scary as hell itself, but im pretty sure thats a poltergeist

  3. Ghosts are things that are attached to a thing or place on earth and possibly *haunt*
    Spirts don’t haunt. They are just people in heaven. 🙂
    Poltergeists are evil things that stick around with you and try to cause havoc in your life.
    Your risking encountering alll these things if you use the ouigi board, go remember, ALWAYS SAY GOODBYE!

  4. Well you have a spirit that gives life to your body, if a spirit don’t have a body anymore and for some reason is reluctant to cross to the “other side” then it is a ghost, now a Poltergeist is a ghost who uses your own kinetic energy to move things and make noises.

  5. A spirit is what we call the soul of a deceased person who has “gone to heaven”, what we call, “crossed over” (if you’ve never heard the term).
    a ghost is the soul of a deceased person who hasn’t crossed over, for various reasons they’re trapped here on earth, wandering.
    poltergeist literally means “noisy ghost” which is exactly what this is. It’s ghosts who move things, make a bunch of noise, etc.

  6. Ghost are basically spirits that haven’t transcended, Some believe that they are still alive or have unfinished business.
    Spirits that transcended to the other side or to other dimensions good or bad can still travel.
    Poltergeist for some is considered to be a loud noisy ghost. And other believe that it’s mind over matter. During a poltergeist experience, the agent, in attempt to relieve the emotional stress. unknowingly cause the physical disturbances using mental forces. The mental mechanism that allows the poltergeist agent to unconsciously cause these physical disturbances is called psychokinesis. Psychokinesis, PK, more commonly known as “mind over matter,” Is the human ability to mentally affect the physical environment. Most agents are unaware that they are causing the physical disturbances, and even those with vague awareness usually have no conscious control over how and when the disturbance will occur.


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