Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between shinto and Taoism?

What is the difference between shinto and Taoism?

both seem to worship nature, how are these two religions different in anyway? aren’t they the same religion with two different names?


  1. Shinto is traditional Japanese ancestor worship.
    Taoism is a philosophical practice, originating from China and based on the writings of such sages as Lao-Tseu and Kwang-Ze.
    Both put strong emphasis on harmony and balance and tend to see “evil” as disorder.

  2. +1 to the kitten.
    Additionally, Taoism didn’t become a religion until Chang Tao-liang had his way.
    Shinto was always a religion.

  3. one is copy of the other one….s and t is same form as copy is s..both is form of down to up path with right and left path but cross is two paths can wed to become love while s is plural as do again is did false at first sound as go back three times has t as cross to ahead. tao is nature as do sound of t and d at the same time between.


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