What is the difference between Reiki and Chakra Healing?

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One works and one doesn’t?
Wait, no…………………..

Digital Age

Reiki II, performed on the chakras from a foot or more away while the client is relaxing on a couch or bed, is pretty much the same as chakra healing.
I studied Reiki and obtained a master’s certificate; my specialty was long distance Reiki, remote Reiki, also known as Reiki III. However, despite months of advertising I could not attract a single paying client. People in the US don’t believe in Reiki enough to go for something that requires that kind of leap of faith….doing it from long distance. If you put your hands on them they might go for it, because it seems more believable to them, but you cannot legally put your hands on somebody’s body unless you have a massage therapy license so it gets rather complicated.
Reiki is psychosomatic healing: it depends on the belief of the client to be effective. People who are only curious, or not willing to pay for the services rendered, are not good candidates and the Reiki will probably have no effect on them.
Also, people have to remember that the healing is for the emotional and spiritual self. It is not medicine for the body and it is also no replacement for psychiatric medicine. I was approached by people who wanted me to perform Reiki to help them with backaches and psychiatric conditions, and I told them sorry but I would be lying if I told you Reiki is for anything but the emotional and spiritual self.
For that reason, most of the people who become Reiki clients are women, because men are not as in touch with their emotions. Most men try to deny even having an emotional self.

Gary Y

At the end of day there is no difference – they are both placebos.


The only difference is the spelling. Gary Y is correct…they are both placebos.


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