Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between "reason" and " consciousness"?

What is the difference between "reason" and " consciousness"?


  1. Reason is the ability of a mind to think intelligently.
    Consciousness is the mind itself.
    So for example, a dog has a mind but it probably doesn’t have very much ability to reason. At least not compared to a human.

  2. Reason requires consciousness. But not the kind that all waking animals have. The kind that is the result of afterthought and forethought.

  3. Consciousness is our real self which experiences and does everything in our life. Reason is a faculty of our mind which applies logic and prior knowledge to arrive at conclusions.
    Consciousness is our subject operator which uses the object tool called reason in order to arrive at conclusions or truths.

  4. Reason is the faculty that we employ to make inferences or engage in discursive or analytical thought, whereas consciousness usually is defined as awareness by psychologists.

  5. You can be reasonable and yet unconscious. You can be conscious and completely unreasonable.
    Consciousness is a state of mental alertness.
    Reason is a higher function of a mans intelligence.

  6. reason can be misleading. we can reason selfishly.
    consciousness can only be experienced by virtuous ( does not mean perfect ) people.
    consciousness rules when reason fails or the situation is outside human understanding.
    reason is the summary of what we have learnt from society,family, formal education and apply this ” common sense” in practical life.
    consciousness is an awareness and / or moral intuition.


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