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What is the difference between realizing you are dreaming and actually having a lucid dream?

when i tell people of lucid dreaming they say that they have done it before but they confuse it with being in a dream and then suddenly just realizing that you are dreaming….how can i make them understand that it is different??


  1. A lucid dream is a dream in which the person is aware that he or she is dreaming while the dream is in progress, also known as a conscious dream….i guess you knew that, but there isnt really any way that you can prove to them that they havn’t, you’ll just have to accept it
    unless you meant when you continue on from a lucid dream, and have control over where you go in your dream, if so then just explain this…
    oh, and lucid dreams usually happen just before you wake up, so you could ask them when they had their dream…
    sorry, im not being very helpful, it just looked like a cool question to answer.

  2. Just like the previous poster, I don’t fully understand your question. I’m taking it as the non-lucid “just realizing that you are dreaming” is thinking this is a dream without fully understanding what you’re telling yourself, i.e the thought being no different than thinking ‘this is a desk’.
    I’ve had many non-lucid dreams where I tell myself I’m dreaming while still in the dream, but go on like that’s a common thought in everyday life. As well as many lucid dreams where I go around in my dreams doing things I can’t in real life before I wake. More times, I seem to view my dream scene appreciating how real it looks (or feels when I tried to walk through something.)
    I could never talk to people about lucid dreaming as I was growing up. Everyone considered me a liar when I said it could be done. But, if you have people willing to listen, then perhaps explaining to them the difference of awareness.
    If we’re missing what you’re trying to ask, please add more detail. Thanks.

  3. There is no difference – a lucid dream is exactly that: becoming aware that you are dreaming while in a dream.
    However, people can then usually control their dreams with practice. So I would say the people who became aware within a dream are really having a lucid dream, they may just not be advanced enough to have some control of what is going on wihtin the dream.

  4. you can realise you’re in a dream, but still not be completely concious. its just the first step.. so if thats the case, you can still not be in control.. when you lucid dream you’re in complete control and anything goes, from eating your arm, to walking trhough walls, to shooting yourself in the head and experiencing death.. yo can sit onto of the moon.. or juggle planets. anyyyything is possible. and you are in complete control of the story.. you can even ask dream people things about yourself and ifnd out things youd never known.
    whereas just realising you’re dreaming.. yeah, you go “oh this is a dream” its like the first step of it.. but you dont grasp it enough so to take control and properly realise. and it takes practice.. but it is still a form of lucid dreaming..
    here 🙂
    http://www.web-us.com/lucid/luciddreamingFAQ.htm#What is Lucid Dreaming

  5. same thing happens to me
    first just so you know by definition having a Lucid dreaming (henceforth known as LDing) is to realize you are dreaming whilst dreaming, i am assuming you mean LDing in the sense that you know you are dreaming and can control your dream.
    First off im just going to say if the person is very stubborn you have no hope of convincing them.
    if the person is reasonable then you might have some hope, though it is very unlikly, you must ask them whether they were able to control the rest of their dream this is very hard because the mind works in such a way that it will continue to make up the dream even after you have awakened in an attemp to help remember it, other than that you have no chance.
    i tend to just keep my mouth shut about LDing that way people dont go bragging about doing something they have not done and annoying you the point in which you wish to kill them.
    hope i gelped but as i explained i probaly didnt


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