Home Discussion Forum What is the difference between Qi Gong and Tai Chi?

What is the difference between Qi Gong and Tai Chi?


  1. taichi and qigong are both internal arts from china.
    qigong is a conditioning set often taught alongside taichi.
    taichi is a full martial art style.
    google them. qigong is also called chikung.

  2. tai chi chuan, or taijiquan. is a martial art. it is also used as a health benefiting exercise. but it is a martial art.
    chi kung or qigong are exercises to build and increas “chi” or internal strength and energy. chi kung is an exercise for strictly that purpose.

  3. Aaron J said it correct…
    Qigong is in Tai Chi but Tai Chi in not in Qigong – one of my teachers says.
    Qigong predates all organized, or formalized martial arts.
    The movements of Tai Chi are Qigong in a combative form.
    Qigong is not meant to be a combative art, unless you say that it combats ill health and disease, however, you can use “waiqi” or outflowing Qi, to inflict damage on an attacker.
    This is what is known as Fajing.
    All Internal Arts and a form of combative qigong.


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