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What is the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists?

I am thinking about becoming the one that talks to people about their personal problems. I am 13 now. What kind of classes should I pay extra attention in and what should I study to get a head start on my career?


  1. Psychiatrists can prescribe medications, while psychologists cannot. This is because psychiatrists also go through medical school. Just take your regular biology classes and stuff. Take Psychology classes if they are offered.

  2. Psychiatrists can prescribe medicine. Don’t worry about it so much now. Take a psych class or two in high school. Just concentrate on becoming a well-rounded person.

  3. They both are doctors of the mind but a psychartrist has more education and can prescribe you drugs as where a phychologist cant. they both take on different diciplines of the thought process of the mind

  4. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, MD’s, and can prescribe medicine. They view mental disorders as having a biological origin. They do the same graduate routine that regular doctors do, plus a year of psychiatric training.
    Psychologists, have no medical degrees, and no medical backgrounds, though, in some states, depending on post graduate courses, can prescribe some light drugs, such as Valium. Psychologist, typically, follow a course work involving study into thought processing, behaviorism, personality disorders, and the like.

  5. psychologist:
    A person trained and educated to perform psychological research, testing, and therapy.
    psychiatrist: A physician who specializes in psychiatry.

  6. Psychiatrist are medical doctors who go to school longer to specialize in that field. They can prescribe medication.
    A psychologist has a PHD but is not a medical doctor. They can’t prescribe medication.
    As for who is the best to talk with. I find that psychologist are the best.

  7. psychologists cant prescribe medicine, and psyciatrists can prescribe, which means that psyciatrists might need extra school time. both are the same otherwise.
    then there is a LCSW, which means licensed clinical social worker, which mostly deals with family/marital problems, OCD, anxiety, social problems, but im sure u can go to a psychologist for that too, but if a doctor recommends u get put on medicine she’ll send u to a psyciatrist.
    being that ur in high school there is no specific classes that they offer like colleges do. but i would recommend taking psychology and sociology classes if ur high school offers it. health classes too i guess would be beneficial.
    on top of that, maybe look for some books on the subject.
    hope i helped! good luck 🙂

  8. Psychiatrists are required to have more schooling and get a medical degree, in order to prescribe medications. Psychologists have less schooling and cannot prescribe anything.

  9. psychologists use different methods like from famous psychologists Freud, Jung , etc….transpersonal therapy and the such they talk to their patients but mostly just listen to them vent for an hour and then try to get a few recommendations in to have the patient deal with things in a more “healthy” way….
    Psychiatrists are the same but have a shorter session and basically can also prescribe medications and drugs like anti-depressents, bi polor medications and anti anxiouty drugs.

  10. Psychiatrists, give you drugs to handle problems. Psychologists, help you work out your problems Drug free. I prefer Psychologists. I can live life with out drugs.

  11. Psychiatrists are physicians (M.D.’s) who have completed a 3-5 year residency to train as psychiatrists. The can prescribe medication. Psychologists (depending on your jurisdiction) have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology or a Psych.D. degree or, in some cases a Master’s degree in psychology. Psychologists cannot prescribe medication. To become a psychiatrist takes approximately 10-15 years after high school. To become a psychologist takes approximately 9 to 11 years after high school.
    There are psychotherapists and counsellors who also help people and they may have a M.S.W. (Master of Social Work), an M.A. or M.Sc. in Psychology, and sometimes a Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology. It make take from 6 to 9 years after high school.
    Subjects to focus on would be: Math, Science, and English along with any high school courses in Sociology, Psychology, Family Studies, etc.
    Good luck! These are very rewarding professions.


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