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What is the difference between psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists?

I was recently filling out a quiz, and i had to say what career I wanted to pursue. I couldn’t tell the differences between psychiatrists, therapists, and psychologists. Please explain the differences, and if you can give me examples of what they do, or something to make it easier. Thanks.


  1. Therapists- can give therapy and counseling
    Psychologists- sums up anyone in the profession of psychology. Anyone who practices counseling, therapy, or anything else in the field in considered a psychologist
    Psychiatrists- give counseling on the medical level in a way, when anyone has a severe disorder, a psychiatrist helps with that; they are also the only ones who can prescribe medication

  2. psychiatrists; may give prescriptions (for depression, add etc)
    therapists; they give actual therapy like cognitive behavioral therapy
    psychologists; they are here to talk with you.

  3. A psychiatrist is the one who cures mental disorders.
    A therapists is the one who gives therapy in certain person.
    A psychologist is a practitioner of psychology, the systematic investigation of the mind, including behavior, cognition, and affect. The two major categories of psychologists are those who conduct scientific research and those who work in an applied psychology area.

  4. Psychiatrists are trained Medical Doctors that then specialize in Mental Disorders. Thees often use the “Medical” model to treat patients (chemotherapy etc)
    Therapists study Counselingand use therapy and “talking” techniques to try and help there patients.
    Psychologists normally have a Doctorate in Psychology and use all types of technique to try and help there patients.


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