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What is the difference between prayer and telepathy?

George and Sharon….you can always get a tin foil hat to prevent those sorts of attacks.


  1. Prayer is directed towards a deity that may or may not exist.
    Telepathy is when a human tries to read another human’s mind.
    The differences are pretty self-evident.

  2. Prayer is more akin to meditation than telepathy.
    Do you see a difference between meditation and telepathy?

  3. I would presume that telepathy is a two-way communication. Having never experienced telepathy, however, I’m only speculating, of course 🙂 It’s just one of those things that I can’t definitively rule out as “impossible.”
    Someone else put it this way:
    “If an elderly but distinguished scientist says that something is possible, he is almost certainly right; but if he says that it is impossible, he is very probably wrong.” — Arthur C. Clarke

  4. Prayer is us talking to God. Telepathy is us projecting thoughts outward not being empowered by the kingdom of light but being empowered by the kingdom of darkness. This is dangerous because it opens up the mind to negative, harmful influence by satan and the demons.
    @asker: First address us as we were ordained by God: Pastors George and Sharon. Second, don’t scoff at what you know is dangeroius.

  5. The major difference is that telepathy is a falsifiable, meaning it can easily be objectively tested under controlled conditions.
    Prayer is not so simple. There have still been experiments to test its effectiveness, but the God variable means that it can never be completely controlled. There is no way to measure whether or not prayers are heard by God, or if god exists in the first place. The whole premise of prayer is faith-based in the first place, so applying empiricism to it poses a challenge.

  6. Telepathy comes from the Greek tele – distant and pathy – experience. So if you can transfer thoughts and ideas remotely that’s telepathic. So technically anyone who uses a telephone or television or the internet to communicate ideas is using telepathy. In the common vernacular though telepathy is considered the transfer of ideas or experiences by means other than the five senses, which is considered impossible by conventional wisdom.
    Prayer is a religious communication with a deity, either silent, verbal or written, it can be formal or informal. Whether or not the deity receives that information through His five senses or through some other sense is impossible to answer since people cannot agree on something as basic as whether or not a deity even exists.

  7. well(((jeffikinsboomuchykins)))))
    i think thats a good q, and the difference i woudl say is, what we beleive
    ive thought myself about this and how we will never really know (till we do obviously ;-D ) whether prayer/psychic ability/ghosts/spirituality and everything else is real/possible
    all we can do is interprate what we experience

  8. Praying is done by using the forces of alchemy where as telepathy has to to with reading, or controlling, other people’s minds.
    But you knew that, telepathically speaking.
    I am

  9. Prayer is sending and directed toward a deity. Telepathy is receiving and it might be between two humans or in some cases a human and an alien.


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