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What is the difference between prayer and magick?

I know 2 people one prays and anoints with oil for protection and such while the other one does magick and spells to accomplish the same thing the christian friend says the other friend is wrong but he is right. I see no difference. They are both doing what they believe is right according to their particular religious faith.


  1. In prayer you are petitioning a higher power to intercede on your behalf to accomplish what you want done (there are other types of prayer besides that but I mention the “I want this” type of prayer here for this purpose).
    Magic is a deliberate act of attempting to manifest your conscious desires on the planes, with or without the help of a higher power. Essentially you are acting as your own higher power.
    That’s the difference. Magic isn’t like prayer at all. A lot of Pagans and such will often say it is just to appease Christians who cry foul at the use of magic, but really it’s not.
    Either way, there is nothing wrong with either one. As you said, it’s right according to their faith (or lack thereof since a lot of people who practice magic aren’t religious at all).

  2. The one that prays and anoints is doing what Jesus said to do. Talking to our Creator and Heavenly Father. The other is practicing witchcraft and going against what God wants us to do. Calling on a created being instead of the Creator.

  3. Prayer is an attempt to invoke the supernatural power of God while magic is an attempt to invoke supernatural power from a source other than God.
    Someone who practices magic and spell casting, whether they know it or not, is attempting to invite demonic power into a situation. A person who prays to the God of Heaven is asking our Creator to intervene.
    It’s like asking what is the difference between calling the police to help and contacting someone from the Mafia to get a situation resolved. While the goal may be similar, the means of achieving the goal are different. One is right and the other is wrong.

  4. Prayer is asking Someone beyond yourself to help you with a need, recognizing that He is the source of the power, and the decision on whether or not He grants the request is His.
    Magic is attempting to use your own power to manipulate the forces of the universe around you. It stands or fall by your own strength or ability, not anything outside of you. It does not require the existence of Anyone beyond yourself.
    So they are nearly direct opposites to each other.

  5. The main difference is that prayer relies on the intervention of an outside force for results, whereas magic does not.
    It is possible to combine the two, performing magic while asking for the guidance of a deity.
    The difference is subtle and has little or no impact on the actual results. Hope this helps. Blessed be.

  6. They way your two friends conduct their individuals rituals are extremely similar. The only difference is to the individual. That is the interesting thing about the individual practices of monotheistic religions (like prayer) and magic. There are several independant variables that define between a religion and magic, but interestingly many cross-over. I will list them below.
    1. Can be either Amoral or Moral
    2. Can be practiced by the individual, with no requisite of collectivity.
    3. No requisite of spirits, deities and/or soul of any kind.
    4. Is concerned with the here and now.
    5. Is practical and pragmatic.
    1. Morality is a concern.
    2. Collectivity and fellowships is required. (i.e. church)
    3. Requires some form of spirits, deities and/or soul.
    4. Is concerned with the afterlife.
    5. Is Spiritual and Supernatural.
    Hope that helps. 🙂


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